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Forgive me for I have sinned...

k.lockU2 Mar 29, 2020

  1. k.lockU2

    k.lockU2 Registered User

    ........... THIS IS AN AA group ........
    Hi my names k.lockU2 and I'm sorry to say I am infact , an Audi Addict. !!!
    I first dipped my toes into the audi gene pool aged a mere 14yrs . I saved my spends and Bought myself a red 83 quattro airfix model and decorated my bedroom walls with audi sport & quattro posters with my pocket money. .As the yrs passed I purchased myself my first car .
    What I thought was the real deal at the time a shiny Gem...!
    80 16v full sport Limited Edition.
    (black metal flake). Which was later written off sadly by ( contaminated thames water flood damage). Only getting the standard audi 80 value payout from insurance .(sickening ).
    I then needed my next fix what is this nugget pearl of wisdom I hear ...!!! & along came my first true love in the shape of a 1990 chameleon blue/green s2 coupe. Which I just kept throwing money after money at ...
    .... Very Heavily MoDiFiED .. so much so the local plod pulled me over to ask what is it ... looked like a Mitsubishi evo as you approached said 1, but a escort cosworth as you passed said the other .
    A few yrs passed i got bored & so wanted a new modified project to work on so i treated myself to a 80 5cyl 20v cabriolet in the best green audi vw ever made in my humble opinion . I Give away my s2 shortly afterwards to my brother ????
    I felt sorry for him having to get behind the wheel of the BMW every day and couldnt bear the relentless suffering , sat surrounded by cheap plastic... my heart bled for him . . Nobody likes to see their family suffer. I'm sHuDdeRing tyPing tHis ...
    Anyway A few yrs passed and I divorced the 80 cabriolet & tried my best to go cold turkey on my wife's request... hindsight is all well & good if you can remember it..
    I should have sent her for counselling.
    I am ashamed to say this & will just bleet it out ( vectra ) yes folks ..yeah I know what your all thinking errr ... vauxhall all over your hands you filthy animal , hang your head in shame dont you dare make eye contact .. trust me when I say I do carry the burden of shame with me ..
    My shortest period ever with only 1yr owner ship made way for joint counselling and onto the v6 A4 cabriolet (Blue).
    And I'm now back upto my 2 aday with an ibis white A5 2ltr tdi cabriolet .. but still much prefer the A4 v6 if I'm honest . My only regret is parting with the s2. And having to admit the vectra..

    My saving grace is ;
    I were once sawn in half by a magician,,,,
    and would you believe it ?
    It so turns out that I have audi running through me like a stick of rock ..

    Let communion begin... but no swearing thou...
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