Foglights working when ignition on but switch not pulled


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Jan 1, 2019
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I took my car for it's 2 yearly inspection an it has just a few faults to say the least..... One of them being the fog light are illuminated with the ignition key turned....
I pulled the fuse and they go off..... Now for me I could do without them as they are flucked inside all the chrome has flaked off.

However where I live they have to work whether you use them or not, any ideas I need the car for workings probably worth a 1000 euros or **** all in the UK ..... Is it switch related I don't want to buy a chinkychonky one only for it not to solve the problem... Hopefully some kind souls can help me out
Remove the headlight switch & see if they still come on, headlights will for safety but fogs shouldn't unless someone's modified something or a fault elsewhere iirc.


Whoops in such times i better be more PC.

Chinkychonky = Headlight switch of east asian origin... where that fancy flu thats killing every fcucker originated ....something to to do with lanty sleyed bat eating futher muckas
thanks for your reply fella i will report back tommorow, i have the super unleaded and match all ready
So with the switch disconnected the fogs are not illuminated, but neither were the headlights so i guess the switch is the offender.

Cheapest option 1. is a new switch.

Option 2. go to the auto electrician and try and explain whilst he dreams up a figure in mind for the englishman...