Fog Lights


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This has been brought up..but lately it has been doing my head in i hate people that drive with there fog lights on when it is not foggy they should get points for it .......


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Ive got to agree, why is it when it was foogy only a small amount of people used there fogs, now it gone everyones got them on?


Amen to that Voorhees!!:applaus:

Especially either 4x4's that are higher than a normal car and blind you with the HD type lights or cars like the old 406 that has fog lights the size of a normal headlight! I agree they deserved to be flashed or blinded as much, dangerous I know, but its either you're in a field or they are as they drive either oblivious that they have them on or "Ohh.. its Trendy to have foglights on.." The one thing I have noticed though when the come up behind you with foglights ablaze, they don't take the hint when you retaliate with the rear fogs (Bright ******' Red!!!!) they either get closer to you OR put their main beam on:wtf: (Even although your leading them through a field or toward a lampost - as your dazzled of your mirrors by their lights!):gun2:

I thought it was a 3 pointer on your license for misuse and that they were clamping down on this.:think::busted_cop:

Either way, I want to arm my car with a dirty great Feck off Halogen Flash that blinds like an Ibrox Floodlight...Could you imagine the FUN with one of those, watching as they career off into a ditch or lampost Yaaaayyyy!!!:yahoo:


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Can anybody remember B*stard lights on the rear old minis?
Thats what we all need to get our own back:yahoo:


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treblesykes said:
xenons are great for blinding the fickers, one flash and they will see stars for days
ha ha ha that is funny,yes will be doing that.when on my hollybobs in july I spoke to a chap who had an M3 and he was pleased to tell me he had ecksy non bulbs on his (didn't have the heart to put him right)


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i only put mine on once to see if they worked. then when we did have some fog i thought my dipped headlights did a better job, and yes i do remember b*stard lights! they were great - also for reversing out of the hedge you'd gone through after being blinded by the 6 cibie super oscars that people had on the front of mini's !!


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Have to bump this one back up because 9.5 hours later I'm still p*ssed off at the celica in the middle lane of the M18 this morning with his rear fog light on. When I'm president of the World, these offences in combination will lead to the immediate scrapping of your vehicle.
So I flashed, sat behind, flashed some more, indicated and pulled out then once I was past, over to the inside lane with my indicators on, and flashed the fog lights a few times... What does he do?

Honestly, people must know where the switch is to turn them off, but get short term amnesia when they're on the roads.
A lot of people driving round up here at night with driving lights and fogs. Aaargh!


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I agree wholeheartedly with this one, it sucks.
I'm thinking about either uprating my main beam to a higher wattage or to a HID conversion making my lights Bi-Xenon. Only problem with that is they take a few seconds to get hot, whereas halogen are on straight away, to give the foglighters a bit of a blast.


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Up here in the sunny North West (NOT!) I have begun to notice loads of cars with their fog lights on.....many are driving around on side lights with fogs on......
MANY are young kids using their fog lights as a "fashion accessory"....

I am getting reet sick of the fog lights as the majority are badly adjusted and blind the f**k out of me.....

Wish the plod up here would pull a few over and dish out fines/points then maybe the tossers might start getting the message and switch the things off........


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Ive been in a car thats been pulled by the fuzz, and seen cars pulled over that i 'assume' is because they have their fogs on, so the cops in Yorkshire/Derbyshire when they are bothered do stop people it seems.

Its a right pain the the **** and its not big and not clever!


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Fogs along with headlights are useful when navigating dark country lanes thats the only time i use them, they splay out light to the sides of the car.

Even then i will always switch them off when theres oncoming traffic.

The only correct time for fogs is when it's FOGGY.

It is an offence to use them any other time,


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Something that strikes me as ironic is that sooooo many people rightly grumble about fog lights and middle-lane hoggers, but yet the roads are still plagued by these drivers!! The general public know that such things are bad driving & annoying to other road users, yet they still carry on without a care in the world! Wankers!!

On a related subject, had to laugh a lot yesterday morning whilst listening to the Chris Moyles show. They were taking the mick out of comedy Dave's driving saying he liked to drive fast & flash other cars to move out of the way. Someone apparently text into the show saying "I bet he drives a BMW", and it turns out he does indeed drive a BMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FLW ............ nuff said

no need for them, they do no use at all

even worst rear fog lights when its raining !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I've a better idea to resolve the idiots that use fog lights when it not necessary (if I come to power that is !!)
Its simply you get your fog lights smashed for you !
So it cost your more than the current £30 fine for driving with them on and if you have broken fog lights on your car people know that you an idiot that drives with fog lights on when dont need them !



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Anyone else noticed that the majority of fog light culprits (especially the front fogs) are French cars? They seem to be round this neck of the woods anyway.


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joost said:
Anyone else noticed that the majority of fog light culprits (especially the front fogs) are French cars? They seem to be round this neck of the woods anyway.

Yup 3 renaults spotted all with fog lights on (in the dark) on the way home. 1 of course with the dreaded side light and fog light combo. Also all of these drivers should have known better looking about 30 or older.


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strangley enough front fogs arn't legal in France, my dad once got pulled by the french police and told to never use his fogs even though they wern't on at the time.
We suspect it was because his Merc had German plates on as he had just picked it up from the factory a few days before, he said all the French drivers gave him a hard time and he was glad to put UK plates on when he got home. :)


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i have to agree guys, it annoys me when people use their foglights. not only does it blind other oncoming vehicles but it doesnt actually light the road up any better it only shows whats right in front of you better and any decent driver knows you should be looking further ahead on the road than the foglights cast so its totaly pointless having them on, i dont even have them any more since iv changed my front bumper and i have never needed them yet.