fmic info needed


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will be next month fitting my new bumpers and thought as saved some money will add a fmic.

As the bumper is coming off. Best to fit one now ?

what should i be looking for thats a easy straight fit? and removing the inside bumper one.
also do i need a remap after?
budget £100-£250ish


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On what car? I assume you have red the FMIC thread in the FAQs?



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did some of it mate and the one you chatted about ah.
1998 1.8t a3 8l

little of it was over head ;)

will be going on this bumper if makes a diff

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Always a good idea to fit a front mount, the side mounts are as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
Loads of infor in the thread in the stickies, give it a good read. Yours may be slightly different to the norm due to the choice of bumper to be fitted :expressionless:


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lol yep ;) i know was looking at changing the cooler as swear it got water in it from floods a year ago