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Flexible service but car flashes inspection needed

Martha Sep 24, 2020

  1. Martha

    Martha Registered User

    I run my 2.0 tdi 140 bhp 2015 on a flexible service regime which usually means a service every 2 years in June. Annual mileage is approx 10,000 miles a year. This July the car informs me on start up that an inspection service is needed.
    Being on a flexible service regime I do not think that I need an inspection service and the car has never asked for one.
    My last flexible service was June 2019 so I should be good until approx June 2020.
    So has the Audi dealer made a mistake and programmed my car incorrectly at the last service ?
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  3. KenL

    KenL Registered User

    Probably. When I got mine in 2016 I told them on more than 1 occasion to deliver it in flexible service mode but they set it to fixed.
  4. mike170

    mike170 Registered User

    Inspection service is separate to variable service.

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  5. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    As Mike170 says, the "inspection service" is a separate thing - and isn't a service at all, it's a money making tactic from Audi. They literally look at the car and check fluid levels. That's it. It's (IMO natch) utterly useless, as the car is / should be inspected at the main service. In between, it's not difficult to jeep an eye on fluid levels yourself.

    As to whether you can get rid of the warning / reset it yourself, I don't know. I believe (if you search on here) there is a way of switching between fixed and variable interval service yourself .
  6. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    Take it to a good independent - they'll do it for you - and be much cheaper that Audi.
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  7. Sparks43

    Sparks43 3rd Gear

    The inspection service will include another oil change if required and pollen filter which needs to be done every 2 years
  8. rafletcher

    rafletcher Registered User

    I stand corrected - but how much does that differ from a "full" service? Not by much - air filter, fuel, and plugs on a petrol engine would be extra.
    I stand corrected (I checked the Lookers site to confirm) but either way it's ****** expensive. A quick google gives a price of around £380 for an Audi service. Around here (Bucks / Herts borders) there are several good independents who provide "warranty safe" servicing, and at least one has paid Audi to access the online records, if you care about that (I just do what I always did, keep the paperwork). The one I use charges £240 for a major service, and £125 for an interim.
  9. Sparks43

    Sparks43 3rd Gear

    Oh it's ridiculously expensive for what it is - You are right independents can do it so much cheaper

    I took out the service plan which gives 2 services - 1 oil change and 1 oil change plus inspection including pollen filter - £19 per month at the time for 2 years - £228 per year - You wouldn't get it at that if you booked individually each year

    Shows how much they rip you off - If the car is over 3 years old they do fixed oil change for £199 - It's the same oil and filter for crying out loud
  10. Ice Kay

    Ice Kay Active Member VCDS Map User

    VCDS should be able to change it, check out the VCDS user map and see if anyone is near you
  11. S32B

    S32B Registered User

    Agree, my indy does an inspection on every single service as part of the service!!! He doesn't charge extra for it.

    Yep last year Audi wanted £452 for my 2nd service, the indy did it for £198 with Audi genuine parts.

    If the pollen needs changing, mine was ok last year on the 2nd service @6,000 mile, so he's doing it this year. I recall the Audi main dealership saying "If you want to save a bit don't change the pollen filter"...so it's not a by the book thing to do.

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