Flat bottom steering wheel wanted


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Aug 21, 2009
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S- line flat bottom multi function s-tronic steering wheel , with chrome paddles black stitching perforated.

Not much to ask then !

Cash waiting Manchester.
There is one on there at the moment , but black paddles , and its 550 euros , = £ 480.00 it is brand new , is that over priced ?

What should i really be paying with chrome paddles or black paddles as a guide?
chrome paddles are always dearer, hard to judge as depends on who's bidding at the time. I paid £380 for one with black paddles, non-perforated & black stitching. It turned out to be brand new too.
I paid £475 for one brand new on e-bay but with black paddles. They go with chrome from as little as £350 but you might have to wait a while. anything from 450 to 500 i guess would be fair if its brand new. Mine came from Hungary !!