Facelift FL spark plug change.


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Thought I’d change the plugs and do a mini write up procedure.

Step 1
Remove Plastic engine cover

Step 2

Unplug Coil packs

Step 3
Unplug Cam sensor
You’ll need to pull back on the red locking tab then push down on the black tab

Step 4
Unclip the breather hose from the inlet pipe, then unclip the same hose from its securing clip on top of the engine.


Then pull the breather valve off it’s mounting

Then lay it forward out of your way

Step 5

Locate the 10 mm nuts that hold the wiring carrier in place and undo them.

Once undone you can lift it off towards the inlet pipe

You can then undo all 5 off the studs that hold the coil packs down.
Step 6
You can now access and gently pull up on the coil pack to get to the plug.
Insert your spark plug socket with a suitable extension and undo the old plug.
New Plugs tend to come ready gapped but no harm in checking them.
Standard is 0.026 these were all set at 0.025 so I left them at that.

Step 7
Gently insert new plug into the hole and start screwing it in by hand with the extension piece.
Once it’s finger tight get your Torque wrench and tighten to 30nm
Step 8

Smear a ball of Dielectric grease into the Coil pack opening.
Then insert the coil pack back into its opening.
Repeat for the other 4 plugs / coils.

Insert threaded studs to secure coil packs and torque to 5nm.

Refit the cable carrier and secure with the 3 nuts torquing to 5nm.
Reconnect coil connections / camshaft sensor
Lastly refit the breather hose starting with mounting the valve back on

Put the hose back in it’s clip and reconnect to the inlet pipe.

Refit your engine cover.

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Thank you for this,I used it today to change my plugs.

Can I add a few points for the newbs like myself. :)

I nearly got stumped on the first step, couldn't get the connector plugs off the coil packs.

In my case, once the push clip was released, I needed to grab with both hands and wrigle in all directions while pulling up. This slowly got them off but it was quite sticky.

The second problem I had was tools. When I put the new plug in and tried to pull the socket out it stayed on the plug. There was no way to get pliers in there to pull socket out. I then removed the new plug and pulled it in and out of the socket a few times to help loosen it. It was a new socket so I suspect the rubber washer in there was tight. This worked for next two but then not. Had the pull the next one out a couple ot times. Eventually I jammed some paper between socket and extension, that worked.

I bought a cheap torque wrench for the job and I just didn't trust it. The adjuster was crude and 30 nm was the bottom of its range. It had a long handle on it which gave plenty of leverage. It felt like it should have released with the force I was using for 30 nm. I ditched it and used my socket wrench based on feel. I had horrible visions of breaking a plug which would have been a disaster.

Eventually all good, job done, took the car for a good thrash just to make sure all ok.

So thanks again T1000.