FL RS3 Steering Wheel into Pfl RS3


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Tried researching a bit but I couldn't find a thread for exactly this. How would I go about retrofitting a fl rs3 steering wheel into the pfl? Would it just be plug and play since it doesn't have any additional features?

I saw the tt rs/r8 steering wheel threads and that frankly looks much too complicated, I'm just more concerned about having the alcantara on the correct side ;) and the fl steering wheel looks a lot sleeker with the smaller airbag (or at least the centre part of the steering wheel is smaller).

If anyone could share some info or link me to a site. I can buy the rs3 steering wheel off a couple different websites, or directly though Audi although I'm not sure how much they would charge..

Will sell the pfl rs3 wheel if all goes well as well if anyone is interested, might be a bit of a fee shipping wise if you're in the Uk though since I'm in Aus.



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Can’t help on ease of retrofit but I’d assume it would be mostly plug and play, most have issues when trying to get the start engine and drive select buttons to work from the TTRS/R8 wheel.

There are some additional buttons on the FL wheel, the virtual cockpit requires tab buttons either side of the LHS scroller and on the RHS there are skip track buttons, not sure how this would integrate.

Some but very few eastern models were specced without virtual cockpit so don’t have the tabbing buttons on the left, but I’d imagine you’d have equal chances of winning the lottery to finding one of those online haha! Not many didn’t have the virtual cockpit.


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Fingers crossed it is, does anyone have a part number for the steering wheel itself and air bag? From either a tt rs or the fl rs3? Just want to get some prices from Audi as I've been quoted 650 euro for an oem fl rs3 wheel. Plus 400 euro to finish the whole wheel in alcantara and add a 12oclock marker.

Then there are the additional buttons but frankly they cost as much as the wheel+upholstery do :O

Didn't know about the buttons relating to virtual cockpit though, I don't mind having some "dead" buttons to be fair so not a deal breaker.
Might be a silly question but it shouldn't matter if the wheel is coming from a LHD/RHD car correct? Should be the same regardless?