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Fixing avant rear wiper motor.

Bbflex Dec 13, 2019

  1. Bbflex

    Bbflex Registered User

    My rear wiper motor was leaking like they all do eventually, it was starting to freeze up slightly too, so I set about seeing if I could fix it instead of forking out for a new one.

    here we have one leaky motor.

    I then stripped it down to its components.


    went outside and got a bucket of spirits and a bucket of screwfix degreaser to wash the spirits off, soaked all the real mucky parts in the white spirits to clean out the rusty crud as best as I could.


    looked at the best way to cure the leak and I found an O-ring to go round the spindle and hopefully create a seal stopping the leak into the housing.


    Started to assemble the motor back together, with a nice helping of grease.


    Back in the car, used nearly half my washer bottle through it, and the leak seems to have been cured, I have a better flow of screen wash and the motor is running quicker.


    now I have the Octavia one to try and do, that’s currently seized solid but they are fairly simple in their design, so I may be able to salvage it. I can’t recall the O-ring I used but it came out of a selection box from tool station if that helps.

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  3. Accylad

    Accylad Registered User

    my A3 8V was dripping water through the rear tailgate trim. I discovered that the end of pipe that goes through the motor and attaches through the 90 degree attachment to the hose was corroded on the outside so not sealing to the rubber seal (inside the 90 degree bit). I filed the corrosion down, then filled the outside with filler, sanded down, then put on two coats of nail strenghthener that my wife had. smoothed down when hard, and lubed with a bit of silicone grease. No leak now. It was fiddly doing it on the car, and I couldnt easily take a photo. I suppose the real fix would have been to replace the pipe with a stainless steel one. Or a new motor...

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