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Fixed service plan confusion

Spiedhermonkey Jul 28, 2018

  1. Spiedhermonkey

    Spiedhermonkey Active Member VCDS Map User

    Morning all.

    I've been talking to our local Audi dealership recently about taking a fixed service plan for the next two services.

    I've been given so many different prices, that I'm starting to doubt it's worth it.

    My car had its last oil change in October last year at 22,000 miles and is now on 32,000, so I'm thinking of getting the next one done now and moving it off long life servicing and onto fixed every 10,000 or annual. I'm shocked that Audi don't recommend changing all the filters more regularly than every 40,000. This next one will be its last service before the car turns 3 years old.

    Is the fixed arrive plan worth it? Are there any benefits other than spreading the cost?

    Thanks in advance,

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