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FIX - A5 & A4 B9 MMI - "The service is currently unavailable".

Bradders. Jul 14, 2018

  1. Bradders.

    Bradders. Registered User

    I've been struggling with this since picking up my 2017 A5 on Thursday and finally found the fix today. I've not been able to successfully connect with the myAudi 8 digit pin, I kept getting the "The service is currently unavailable" text.
    I think the link may have been posted before but in the interest of getting the fix out there to anyone who's missed it here it is again:


    How To:
    "With the Vehicle turned on

    check the MMI in the glove box to ensure that there is NO SIM card inserted.
    Press the “MENU” button
    Select “Audi Connect” from the main MMI menu
    Use the right drawer Sub-menu (more the main MMI **** to the right) and select “Privacy”
    Select “Activate Privacy”
    The MMI will now show a message of “the data connection was restricted”
    Select “Audi connect” and select “activate data connection” this will turn on the LTE data module
    Wait briefly (about 15 seconds) until you see a message “data module is on”
    Roll up all the windows, turn the Vehicle off and lock the door
    Wait 3-4 minutes.
    Return to Vehicle, turn on, go back into “Audi connect”

    Select “ google earth” and then “ activate and display google earth map”
    If the google earth loads, go back into the Audi connect services and confirm the Weather, fuel prices and all other features load.

    If the google earth does NOT load and if the weather and fuel prices do not display after this process. Repeat the process and wait a minimum of 30 minutes before returning the car once turned off and locked. If concern still presents. Have Vehicle brought in for service."

    I hope this helps out people with the same issues I had.


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