Fitting new dmf 3.0tdi torque ratings help please


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so my dmf was juddering for a while, got a 2 post lift before xmas finally got around to fitting new dmf (will get some pics quite interesting looking at car with no gearbox)

got new bolts to fit dmf to engine but cant find torque ratings,

also ratings for the bolts to hold cluch pressure plate to the fly wheel would be handy.

Interetingly the 'play' in the dmfs seem similar but more clanky at the furthest ends on the old dmf. makes me wonder how bad it actually was?

Can you get a solid fly wheel (are they available) as i notice the clutch is sprung like a traditional clutch would certainly seem better with a std flywheel (please no lectures on harmonics im well aware).

seen the 'kit' from darkside but its worth more than the car! just after a std flywheel that will fit on the engine, the clutch holds loads of torque it just eats the dmf.

any help much appreciated.

heres a **** pic shows my home made locking tool!!


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found some torque ratings on here and another forum were for the rs4 but its the same flywheels as i understand,

flywheel to crank 60nm + 90deg
cover plate to flywheel (found 2 versions one said add 90 another not?) 20nm + 90 deg you need the 90 or there slack as ****.
drive shafts 60nm.

they all felt spot on

heres some pics to show torqueing it back up and old flywheel, found some interesting info for testing whereby you turn it within its casing and count the amount of teeth it passes as ware, old one prob had twice the amount and just shy of 5 teeth 'play' which is maximum. new ones now a fair amount fresh out of box!


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