Fitting facelift stalks, slip ring and wheel to pre-facelift car


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I have had a search (granted, not too in depth) for anyone that has done as titled...

I've got a FB steering wheel on the way from an A4 but was wondering if it would be easier to fit the facelift slip ring at the same time? Then I spotted the stalks ate different on the facelift so got to thinking about fitting them too...

So my question is, if I get the facelift stalks that are the equivalent to mine (same functions) and slip ring, would I face any unusual issues with fitting them and the flat bottom steering wheel?

My long term goal is to replace as much as I can with facelift items, already have the led rear lights and correct adapter loom on the way and started collecting the window switchs...

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The stalks work the same as pre-facelift. You just have to calibrate the steering angle sensor with VCDS.