Fitting brushed alu mirrors


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Hi guys,
I've just received a set of brushed alu mirror covers from Ebay germany costing about £100.

Please could anyone tell me how to fit them as I received no instructions?

Its supposed to be easy, but I just want to get the proper instructions.


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Hello Rick
Fitting Instructions as follows;
  • Mirror housing Removal:
  • Screw bolts -4- out of trim panel -3- and detach downwards
  • Release housing from locking elements of mirror adjustment unit and lift off
  • Position mirror housing from above on mirror adjustment unit -2-
  • In doing so, locking elements -arrows- must engage in mirror adjustment unit at top and bottom → Fig..
  • 2 - Mirror adjuster unit
  • 3 - Lower cover.
  • 4 - Combi boltsq 1Nm
[URL=""] [/URL][/IMG]
Lower mirror locking element– On installation, locking element (arrow -A- ) of mirror adjustment unit -2- must be inserted in direction of arrow into fasteners of mirror housing -1-.

[URL=""][URL=""] [/URL][/IMG][/URL]

The mirror has to be prized out by force, but be carefull as it's obviously made of glass and will crack if your not too carefull. Ideally use something thats in the shape of a screw driver but made of plastic. Then either prize from top then bottom or from side to side
Hope this helps


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Cheers for the reply. I'm ashamed to say it took me about 45 minutes to fit them. They were really really fiddly.

I'm also thinking about getting an S3 grill to replace my standard one. What do you guys think about this? Any ideas whether it is a straight replacement?

I'm not trying to make my A3 sport look like an S3, I just think the S3 grill looks smart and I would take the S3 badge off before I put it on anyway.