fitting a relentless v3 manifold, downpipe and sports cat on the car!!!!


14.0 @ 98mph 2s 60ft
Mar 31, 2013
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hey all done this the weekend, was ready to say how easy it was after getting the mani and turbo on but i had a few problems... before we start this took me about 15 hours be warned!!!

to start check my other thread on removing the turbo in detail.

right bullet points
my turbo charge pipe and cat and rear section were off already done through the drivers arch

drivers side arch... my plastic guard was and is missing
*undo three wishbone nuts on the wheel end
*undo drop link
*undo driveshaft hex nuts pull back and tie up out the way...
*take off drive shaft guard

*remove three downpipe nut/studs
*turbo three hex bolt things ontop easy
*turbo support bracket nut
*top oil and water feeds can be accessed and removed once turbo is free
remove other oil and water feeds frome rear of the engine

*cut downpipe off from behind the subframe under the car with 4inch grinder and goggles, be very careful if your accident prone or use a hacksaw lol... ended up cutting 3 inch sections off each side as i could onle get access to each side after removing some from the other this bit was a pig but satisfying once it slipped up out the bay.

*all through drivers arch
*spray all nuts with wd40 a day in advance
*undo all 13 manifold nuts, i used a flex ratchet spanner all came of easy
*remove old gasket and clean the head face you cant see
*fit new audi mani gasket, only use genuine audi gaskets!!!!
*slide your shiny new v3 on
*bolt on with new washers and copper nuts from audi use audi stuff!-) keep going back and forth until there are all as tight as you can get them the two most to the left are done from above, numbers 2 and 7 at the top are a pig and were time consuming but still easy
*drop turbo in position top oil and water feeds and bolt the support bracket which i forgot and struggled with for three hours after giving in and sliding a thinner nut and bolt in!-)
*i used m10 studs and brass 14mm bolts with standard washers for the turbo flange, you wont get the audi hex things in.. dont forget the gasket, two on top are easy and the one that looks nasty is actually pretty easy from the arch!-)
*fit upper oil and water feeds, can get these with turbo bolted up now..
*refit lower oil and water pipes to the block

now i attempt to get that darned downpipe in what a pig... i slowly realised i had too drop all four large subframe nuts, sit the car on axel stands. dont worry it wont fall off just hang a bit... not enough really! mark it up first so you can get it exactly right, dont worry you cant get it that wrong
*mark and undo 4 subframe nuts
*push downpipe in the facing right way with lots off force making your poo face lol it will just go halfway with some leverage on the subframe
*then grab from the top and pull like hell, it will go and smash both your hands at the same time you'll be both happy and it pain!-)
*downpipe gasket i nearly forgot
*now the two downpipe nuts you can see from the arch
*now the worst nut of the whole job... from above i used a spanner longways grabbing the nut from the top and a ratchet exstention bar through the ring end to get it most of the way, then got a short 17mm spanner cut the prongs of and grinded the ring end as thin as i could and it just slipped in tighten fully
*fit lamda
*refit everything else job done 15 hours!-) cuts and bruises and aching places i never thought i could ache
good luck


14.0 @ 98mph 2s 60ft
Mar 31, 2013
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This was a long time ago but feel the need to add my turbo to mani bolts came loose and fecked the gasket a week later, refitted with Cosworth yb nuts, the ones with the cuts in them, held tight since...