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Fitting 4 tyres... HOW MUCH?

audigex Jul 19, 2013

  1. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    Just had my A3 in for her first service... quoted a reasonable £310 on the phone: not too bad for a dealer service, I'll live. Asked them to fit the 4 tyres in the back and the lady on the phone didn't give me any additional price.

    Went to pick it up and was told they'd charged me an hour's labour... and it was now £450. I just paid it thinking the jump from £x10 to x50 wasn't too bad... it's only once I got back that I realised it had jumped £140, not £40!

    £120+VAT for an hour's work??!? Jesus.H.****ing.Christ. I could've got it fitted for £60 elsewhere, and I considered that fairly expensive.

    Have I got any room for manoeuvre considering I wasn't told the charge until after they'd done the work, so could assume that it was only going to be the £310 quoted, or has the fact that I've just paid it without protest buggered me?

    I could've lived with a bit of a charge, but considering they had the wheels off anyway to check the brakes, I find £144 to fit 4 tyres to be not far off extortion.
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  3. Paradox1

    Paradox1 Registered User

    a bit too late now bro since you already paid it.

    if you didnt pay, you could argue that you wasnt quoted for it and that you refuse.

    To be fair though, you could have got it done for a 5er each tyre
  4. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    Yeah, that's why I didn't really query £40 a tyre - it seemed fairly reasonable and about right considering at home I'd normally pay about £5-10 per corner... I actually thought "oh, great, Audi are actually being reasonable" and figured it was cheaper because they'd already got the wheels off so it took a little less time.

    If I'd realised it was £450 at the time I would've kicked off: it just didn't click that an extra £100 had added to it, as I completely and utterly wasn't expecting that kind of price: £145 to 4 tyres just didn't even compute when I've paid £180 for 4 tyres BOUGHT+FITTED before to my previous car.

    I'll get in touch with them anyway, even though I can't see anything coming of it.
  5. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

    £40 is what I pay to have 4 tyres fitted and balanced locally!
  6. MBK

    MBK Registered User

    The local independent places around here usually fit and balance two tyres for about £10. It's Wales and yes it's cheap.

    That does make some sense as to why Audi are £50+ more expensive for RS3 tyres fitted than the local places, if they are charging workshop rates for fitting. That is a massive rip off if like our local dealers, they use the same man in a van that I use direct. Do any dealers actually supply and fit tyres themselves?
  7. Oranoco

    Oranoco Registered User

    Just paid 40 to get tyres transferred from old to new rims. Was quoted 15.95 +VAT for what was described as a wheel rebuild.
  8. jimojameso

    jimojameso Well-Known Member Section Mod

    I'd go back and have a moan. I pay 20-40 at my local place for fitting depending who's working that day. :(
  9. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    Forgot to update this last year, so just in case anyone comes across it, I complained and got a refund of the difference between their price and the nearby ATS... Mostly on the basis that they hadn't told me about the extra charge.

    I thought that was fair as that's what I would have paid if I'd know about their price

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