Fitting 2-channel dashcam. How do I remove Sportback boot trim?


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I've done a few searches but can't find any how-tos...

I'm looking at fitting my new 2-channel dashcam in the next few days and wondered if anyone knows how to remove the boot lid trim. I want to use the rubber conduit to keep the install as discrete as possible.

I know I have to unscrew two torx screws from behind the warning triangle but I just want to be sure there's no technique or special way to remove the panels before I start tugging away and unwittingly break anything. My A3 is only a couple of years old and still very precious to me! Haha

Anyway, as always with you guys, many thanks in advance for any advice and help!!


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I removed the torx screws then gently pulled the bottom section off. Get some spare trim clips ready as you will break some. I then removed the trim around the window. I also feed the cable up the original cable glad following the exiting cable route, spray some WD40 down the gromit/tube thing, it helps the cable feed through.

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You need to get someone with a copy of elsawin. Would help you but not at home to get you screen shots.

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Via the search button at the top of the forum, or via google (with audi-sport in the search phase), do a search for the Audi A3 8V reverse camera retrofit guide. In the thread is a PDF which details the trim removal of both a saloon and sportback :)