Fitted gauge for gauging all my boosts.


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Aug 9, 2010
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Dumfries, Tartan-land
Mr Postman delivered my present to myself today so I set about fitting it.

Wired up the lamp in it so it illuminates at the same time as the clocks. It lit up yellow which I didn't like so painted the bulb red and now fits in better.

I need to get a piece of trim to go around the gauge itself and fill in the gap around the side, but otherwise quite happy with it. Only a cheapy gauge but looks areet!

Now, what 'should' a remapped AGU with decat and induction kit boost at? Is 16/17psi normal? Also vacuum is -25 on idle.

You can get a replacement vent for that if it is the same size as Westles... Look on Westles build thread and you will see it mate... I don't know how to post the link
16-17psi sounds perfect for a mapped AGU with a decat :)

Always handy to have a guage, very handy for instantly spotting a problem, but it also makes you paranoid, as if you find yourself 1-2psi down on boost, you feel compelled to go hunting for the cause!
Look on Westles progress thread S1LFH it's on the first page mate...
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I saw those housings but that means parting with more money. I have a sheet of carbon fibre I will use as a surround tomorrow :)
carbon is your friend i did it with the sides of the head unit lol