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First Wash of my B8 :)

Zig M Oct 17, 2020

  1. Zig M

    Zig M Zig

    Picked up my B8.5 a few weeks ago and finally got round to giving it a good wash.

    I always find it really interesting washing a car for the first time and discovering all little blemishes and defects in the paint. The list so far is:
    • Buffer burn to a small part of the metal window trim on driver side rear quarter
    • Poor paint repair to the driver side rear quarter - this is a weird one at it looks like someone has clear coated over an uneven paint job?
    • Passenger side front door looks like someone let a spray sealant / ceramic coating or something like that dry and its stained the clear coat slightly (cant see it unless you look up from a low angle)
    • Really bad touch up (about 2cm) to the front drivers side bumper
    • Various light scratches
    The blemishes are quite hard to spot though and you can't really see them unless you are looking for them! On the whole the paint looked in pretty good nick although it's hard to judge on a silver car when the light is as dull a it is today. Will be interesting to get an LED on it at some point to get a prepper look.

    Pics attached for good measure!

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  3. Zig M

    Zig M Zig

    If anyone is interested in my wash process:

    Pre rinse with pressure washer
    Decontaminate and clean the wheels (Bilt Hamber wheel cleaner)
    1st shampoo (2 bucket and wash mitt - today I used Megs Gold Class)
    Clay cloth
    2nd shampoo
    Clean windows / lights (Megs Glass Cleaner)
    Coating of Megs Liquid Wax
    Coating of Jayswax High Gloss Wax
    Dress tires Megs Endurance Tire Gel
    Coating of sealant on wheels Chemical Guys Rim Wax
    Polish Exhaust Autosol
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  4. A4A4

    A4A4 Owner of a Shiny Daytona

    A4 looking pretty good @Zig M and really nice to see another B8.5. These are lovely cars. Enjoy!
  5. Zig M

    Zig M Zig

    Thanks man. :icon thumright:
  6. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Registered User

    Looks good. curious how you get on with a clay cloth?
    Been looking at clay cloths, sponges etc instead of using clay bars for speed and coverage but worried they pick a bit of dirt and end up scratching the paint or me being a bit over zealous with it and scratching the paint.
  7. Zig M

    Zig M Zig

    I've not had a problem with them and I think you will be OK if you give the car a really good wash and use plenty of lube while doing it - the ones I got say to soak them in bucket of warm water and shampoo before using but I am sure you can use a clay lube as well.

    I found that I get less maring with the clay cloth than I did with clay bar and you still get a smooth finish. I will be investing in clay mit soon I think as I'd be interested to see the difference.
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  8. Zig M

    Zig M Zig


    Managed to get one nice shot this afternoon ;)
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  9. Zig M

    Zig M Zig

    And some beading this morning.
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