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Gave my A3 S Line a really good clean today. When I started the BBC's weather app said it was gonna rain at the weekend so I though I'd better take advantage of a dry, cloudy day. After a pre clean of Valet Pro Citrus cleanser (pressure washed off) and then a good wash with Bilt Hamber Auto Wash shampoo, I decided to try out Bilt Hamber's Auto Clay.

Chose it as it work with water rather than a specific lubricant (and its got pretty good reviews).

It bought it up a treat!! Well worth the £12 (used half a bar and that was only because I dropped the first quater I cut off!!) Didnt get loads of muck off but the paintwork gleamed and was silky smooth! Pictures below are after claying / pre wax.


Then I gave it a good wax with R222 100% Carnauba wax and although it wasn't the brightest day it gave the car a real gleam and got some great reflections!!! Well worth the 4 hours it took me to clean it inside and out!!
(Waxed pics below....)

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I clayed my S3 a week after i got it and could not believe how much grime it took off. The paint on the 1st quarter of the car was rough like sandpaper, now its as smooth as anything.

I also thought my paint had a few imperfection (looked like air bubbles in the clear coat), a couple of passes with the clay removed them so it must have been the transport wax/layer.


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I've used this stuff, not bad at all just remember to use plenty of lube

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And if you want a cheap source of lube I strongly recommend diluted ONR in a spray bottle, you can make gallons of the stuff for much less than regular clay lubricant. Of course this is only much use if you have ONR ready for general washing I suppose...


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I used this mitt at the weekend on a 24 year old Figaro and it brought the paint up a treat, The paint looks like new.