First time S3 owner advice


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hi guys, first time poster and S3 owner.
recently purchased a 66 plate facelift S3 and so far things are going OK, other than intermittent faults with the cruise control, Auto start stop and a shift to P electronics warning that keeps poking its head now and then. (getting some fault codes read next week). Other than that it seems a great car.
does anyone have any information on this? along with any insider info that might be worth knowing, mainly to do with the Haldex and things to look out for.
thanks guys and all the best



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Best to read the car before any advice given, as it may add red herrings.

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Yeah. Get an ELM 327 ODB2 dongle and Torque Pro app for your phone, so you can read (and clear if OK to do so) fault codes rather than paying for a dealer to do it. Its not much over a tenner for the 2.