First time owning an Audi .. and loving it!


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I got myself an A4 2.0 TDI S-Line Avant (Grey) this week (B7 Chassis, 06 plate, 140k miles on the clock).

The dealer told me it was 170bhp but the log book says 140bhp (not entirely sure I care that much, but it is light years faster than my old 1.8TDCi Mondeo) .. is there a way I can confirm this for certain? I FEELS like it should be around 170bhp (my other car is a 220bhp Focus ST .. and my Audi isn't QUITE as quick, but feels in the same ballpark)

Really enjoying it so far, the seats are mega comfy, the grip and mid-range performance is fantastic and I honestly can't believe the condition the car is in (other than a few scratches around the boot, which you would expect on an old estate, the vehicle is immaculate both inside and out.. not even any marks on the interior fabric).

I'm definitely going to miss some of the "modern" tech features my last three cars have all had (auto lights, wipers, heated front windscreen, auto-dimming rear view mirror) but hey .. the vehicle itself (and in particular the drive) are so much better I honestly don't care.

I have to say it is the best ~£3000 I have ever spent! :)