First service & price Match promise


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So I decided to try and take Audi’s “price match” promise offer up for the servicing and find a cheaper local garage that would do the first service which is a mere oil change and health check much cheaper. The three point are, the car must be in 20 miles from the Audi garage I select, it must have genuine Audi parts and numbers on quote and it must be an invoice made out to me for them to match.

I got all that done and before I go any further I will add Audi wanted close to £300 for this £266 to be exact.

So I got my quote and sent it over, didn’t hear anything back for near a week so I sent another email saying I haven’t received any updates for them to authorise the price match and they finally replied saying the service manager at the Audi dealership will match the garage I have selected on price and less a sump plug the garage I selected not adding it onto the invoice for £4 the price will be matched. So in total I have saved £116 and I will have an official Audi service on the record. The garage I found said that the costing would be £146.

Given the recent experience I must give credit where credit is due and say fair play to Audi for doing what they advertised and matching a local independent garage on price.


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That’s good

I’ve always had a challenge in getting an independent to email a quote with the required detail on as they know that the price match exists!


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Couldn't find any garages that would provide me with a quote with genuine Audi parts so had to pay £270 in the end...