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First Service after 3000 miles. Not Happy!

Swanny356 Aug 14, 2014

  1. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    After picking up at the end of April from Audi Leeds, with warranty and 2 year service plan I have just been asked to fork out nearly £300 for the service.

    It went in for an oil change at Stafford Audi and needed a mayor service along with the extra work of

    1) MOT which runs out 23/08
    2) gearbox oil change - never done
    3) Aircon service - never done

    In defence of Stafford they said that this should all have been done by Leeds before delivery and sympathised with the bill.

    I called Audi UK Customer Services and they are getting back to me.

    I'm still seething so open opinions welcome.

    Rant over
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  3. Jazzle

    Jazzle Registered User

    If it was a used vehicle, you should of received a 145 inspection check sheet, stating what's been looked at before delivery.
  4. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    I spoke to the manager at Leeds and was told that if work needed doing within 4 months or 4000 miles it should have been done! He then said he would check with the sales guy who sold it to me and call me back.

    Then they left a message saying that a gearbox oil change depends how you drive it, so they are not paying???

    I feel that after 3 months and 3000 miles I should not have to pay for these and I should have my service plan reset.

    Grateful for opinions.
  5. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    The Saga continues,

    Audi UK have said that Leeds will cover the oil change and air con service, but not the MOT - I can live with that.

    I have asked for my service plan to be reset, as 2 years servicing should last 2 years not 15 months.

    They also said that because I have repaid the Audi Finance my service plan should be cancelled (untrue after checking with VW Finance).

    I don't think that's too much to ask.

    They are now also saying that the exhaust rattle I asked them to fix is caused by my transmission mount upgrade!!!!! Any excuse to get out of a problem. Customer Service is obviously low on Audi's manifesto.

    Wish me luck.
  6. Fanboy

    Fanboy An Audi Fanboy

    Good luck and don't give up on whatever ******** they say...
  7. ADi Nuff Valves

    ADi Nuff Valves Registered User

    Good luck mate. Keep at them!
  8. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    Well it's taken a month to sort so and still waiting for the cheque.

    Leeds Audi have agreed to pay for the oil change, air con service and pay for the next service.

    Audi UK called to ask if I was 'happy' and couldn't seem to grasp that I was appeased but far from happy.

    Having paid a premium to buy from Audi I am still debating whether the A1 will come from them, unless their customer service improves somewhat.

    Thanks for all the good luck messages.
  9. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User


    After me chasing for the cheque after 2 weeks I finally got a phone call from Audi customer services asking if I received the cheque??? I'll work on my German!

    Then I got an email from Leeds as an apology as they had 'overlooked' my email, I am now a bit concerned that they must have more complaints per day than I envisaged!

    I'll wait and see what next week brings.
  10. Rrobson

    Rrobson Registered User

    I feel your pain. I've had a bad do with leeds audi also. Without going into detail my car (although 6 years old at the time of purchase) went back to them 3 times for warranty work, with the 3rd time them having the car 7 week! By the time I'd got it back they'd had it nearly as long as I'd had!
    And trying to organise a service with them around work is a nightmare. Can't wait till I'm no longer tied to them

    Best of luck getting it sorted
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  11. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    At long last the cheque has arrived.

    I'll await the mandatory 'are you happy with everything' phonecall!

    Having to fork out another £240 on the alarm (see other thread for details) I may give both barrels!

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