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First post

paul1975 Dec 5, 2018

  1. paul1975

    paul1975 New Member

    Hi. Having been an avid reader of this forum for a far while... I thought I would take the plunge and share my Audi story thus far after owning my 2015 S3 DSG for 6 months.

    Wanted it a bit louder so fitted a res delete.
    Regreted said res delete as stupid level of noise under load and over 3k rpm.
    Removed res delete!
    Did some research first on here and saw mixed reviews but went for it anyway! IMO if you drive your car any distance each day... don't do this! It was frankly embarrising to drive with passengers.

    Still wanted more from the car and thought changing the styling would do it for me... new wheels, suspension, spacers etc... so I saved some cash and... got the car taken to stage 2!
    I know this was a bit of a change to my plans for improving the car... but has proven just as effective at putting a smile on my face... and I suddenly dont care what my wheels look like (for now!)

    Which gets me to the point of this first post... to share how uterly amazing I think my car is now! I can't believe how much faster it is... and how great it sounds with more intake noise and a deeper exhaust note because of the downpipe. If anyone is considering going down this route... I would recommend it!

    I went for Racingline OEM+ ECU and DSG tunes with Milltek HJS cat downpipe, racingline intake, pipe and elbow.

    If anyone has any questions about what I have had done please ask.


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  3. Starry

    Starry S3 8V saloon... APR Stage 2....(-:

    looks like you've got what you were looking for, even if you didn't know what it was at the beginning...lol
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  4. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Platinum Supporter S tronic Audi Main Dealer

    Welcome to audi-sport.net Paul. Any pics of the Car? Any more plans for it?
  5. paul1975

    paul1975 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome Sandra.
    I have a set of racing line springs and 11mm forge spacers to fit at some point. Other than that I am planning to try the valves open and get the windows tinted next summer as my car did not come with this option. Not planning any further performance mods... for now!

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