First modification


A3 FSi
Evening people,

I purchased my Audi A5 2013 SLine Sportback Black Edition (177hp) Quattro the middle of last year and it has been an excellent ride in comparison to my Audi A3 1.6 FSI :welcoming:.

I am about to have a major service completed at an independent garage and want to get more out of the car once it's completed.

My thoughts are to remap the car to a stage1 remap and get 213 - 240 bhp (various figures from different maps) so I can feel moar powa, however I am not sure if this is the best first mod to complete?

My instincts tell me go for more power and I am absolutely clueless about the cost of some of these things.

Could someone kindly advise what mods you would recommend first?

For example, these are what I have planned and not necessarily in any order:
  • Refurb of alloys (previous lady owner BATTERED these) and which colour or leave standard. Pic hides the HUGE scratches well :D
  • Do I replace any particular engine parts first?
  • New exhaust - which one and cost with fitting?
  • Led fog lights
  • Interior white LED lights with RGB trim
  • LED AUDI badge on front (not sure but I like the look, too much of a gimmick though I think?)
  • Air intake (which one? I don't want an owl but want some sound of power), any downfalls?
  • Custom plate
  • Sound system (I fitted 1200 and amp in previous car) as I miss the pure pounding of air. This has the B&O sound system fitted with a not so powerful sub
  • Stereo upgrade (it's currently only Audi Concert :puke: and no nav which is kind of annoying. Realised after buying and trying to head back with no satnav through heavy traffic for about 90 minutes :)
Many thanks for reading and suggestions. Here's the first pic I took with the A3 before I switched :):