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Evening all, the purpose of this post is to vent / hear other owner's views. Currently have a 12 reg Audi A6 2.0 TDI 177bhp. The car has just turned 40,000 miles and has a full Audi history. At 18 months old / 17k the car had a clutch and flywheel fitted at an eye watering cost thankfully covered by warranty. The owner at the time reported clutch judder in first gear. Now 23k miles later, the same issue is manifesting itself. How can a 4 year old car with 40k and a full history be ready for its third clutch and flywheel?

The car was bought privately 6 months ago but I have noticed it being more pronounced in the past 6k. Especially after a long journey. I have called my local Audi dealer who advise that the flywheel (like the rest of the car) is out of warranty. I told her that I was surprised and saddened that it looks like the same problem has reoccurred. The service adviser suggested that I bring the car in for a diagnostic check which will require a full strip down at a cost of £250. The results will be forwarded to Audi. I asked would there be any likelihood of goodwill, she declined to comment and said it won't be known until it is brought in

Has anyone any similar experience in the field? Has anyone any tips in this regard? Are there any key words to mention?
Although the parts and the actual car is out of warranty, would there be any argument for 'not being fit for purpose?' Obviously 25 months / 23k isn't a reasonable length of time for a clutch and flywheel to last on a premium brand?

Any advice?



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Hi Odhran,

I have also been into Audi 3x with this fault and they just fob me off as no issue. I believe its common.
My A6 2.0 TDI 177bhp has 28k and has been juddering since 22k, audi just say theres nothing wrong and its a characteristic of the car. Im going to audi uk with the issue as due to my age i have to pay my own insurance on the courtesy car which i don't want to keep paying for them to turn around and tell me there is no fault. My parents have both borrowed the car and they both say the judder is annoying and something you dont expect on a 40k luxury car. If you get any further please let us know.


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Hi My old 170ps 2.0 TDI A4B8 had a similar issue that Audi told me wasn't an issue. I have since sold that car in exchange for a A6C7.5 with STronic so i know it cant be my bad clutch usage if it happens again.

I hope you get yours sorted!

Edit: my A4 had done about 38k before that developed

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Have you got any further with this?

I've been into audi everyday after work for the past 2weeks and they have finally accepted that it judders. They are also asking me to sign a documentary as if it's wear and tear I have to pay £600 but I'm going back in tomorrow with documents showing that I have reported this to Audi 3 days after I bought the car etc and it's not my wear or tear.

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Hope it gets sorted. From what I've seen in these type of situations, you need to keep badgering away at audi.

Possibly a change of mindset though. You have brought into a premium brand. Not premium reliability. Something I have come to realise. Neither is it a luxury car.

Audi might try and play hardball as a lot of people give up to soon. Just keep plugging away as your situation certainly shouldn't be happening.


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Hi guys,

Bit of an update:

When I purchased the car there was a document with it that showed that clutch, flywheel and release bearing were all changed at circa 20k from memory. The price of work was somewhere in the region of £2500.

I booked my car in with Belfast Audi for Wednesday 2nd November. The service advisor instructed that a technician would take my car on a road test. When he drove the car the tech agreed that there was a juddering vibration from the clutch in first gear and delivered his prognosis: that it can only be cured with another new clutch, flywheel and release bearing (current mileage at this stage 42k.)

Fearing the worst we set off back to the dealer. The service advisor asked me what I expected of them as the vehicle was 18 months out of warranty. I explained that the flywheel and clutch should ultimately last the life of the vehicle and I didn't believe it was acceptable that it should fail twice in 4 years / 40k. Having had a word with his manager they offered a proposal: that the dealership would foot the bill for a new clutch, flywheel and release bearing if I agreed to buy either a 1 or 2 year warranty and service plan (major and interim service.) Total cost £745. I thought long and hard about it and when I weighed it up I decided that I would go ahead and authorise the work as while it wasn't ideal, I felt it was a decent gesture on their behalf. Fast forward 24 hours and the service advisor calls to inform me that the work has been carried out, however upon driving the car into the workshop, a whirring noise could be heard from the engine. I agreed that I had noticed a slight whirring noise recently. I authorised a diagnostic check and another £60 and one hour later the tech diagnosed it as a defective idler roller. Total cost including diagnosis £260. HOWEVER another word with the service manager resulted in another offer: that if I committed to the 2 year warranty instead of the 1 year warranty then they would repair.

So in conclusion the total cost to repair was £1045 (as opposed to £2500) and I have a 2 year warranty and my next two services paid for. Overall not ideal really, but probably the best realistic resolution I could have hoped for. Get it back on Monday, I hope I have no more trouble with it, but now I have the piece of mind of a 2 year warranty.

Background info: bought car privately with 32k and Full Audi history (not with this dealer.)


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I have the same problem with my 2.0 tdi 163.
There is no warranty on it anymore so can't do much. Bought the car 6 month ago from a private seller so...

It's a big dilemma for me. Repair it? Just lezve it? Or sell the car?
Overall besides the DMF problem i really love the car.


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Hi All. Having the same trouble. Bought the car secondhand from a reputable dealer and reported the problem in the first couple of weeks. Ended up bringing the car back on a number of occasions early during the warranty for other issues and reported each time but it was never fixed. Now that I am outside the warranty they say it was never covered, even though it was faulty when I purchased. I plan to follow up. I have to say, I had an A4 B6 sport for 13 years and it gave less trouble than the A6 has in 6 months. I like Audi but not sure if my next car will be one. Good luck.