First few months of A3 ownership....


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Dec 30, 2008
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Hi all been browsing the forums a while and figured i might as well join!
i first found this site when i was looking into getting an A3 and found loads of usefull info!
well i ended up getting a 2.0fsi sport on a 54 plate from the portsmouth dealers. I was really impressed with the salesman (graham lloyd) and the overall service from them! unfortaly my wife had her licence revocked by the dvla 4 days after we got the car so i have been spending 140miles a day driving her to and from work, and i can't fault the car one bit!
however on sunday driving on the m27 i heard a loud clunk from under the car and a loss of power so i pulled off and parked up gave audi roadside a call and they were with me in 20 min! the guy was really good and put it down to the cat breaking up so he followed me to the dealers and we left it there over night. next morning they called it was indeed the cat and it was covered by waranty and then asked if i wanted a car brought over to my house to use in the mean time! half an hour later i had an A4 avant 3.0tdi sitting on my drive!
i went to pick up my car today and they had picked up on and sorted a broken brake bulb and blocked washer jets that i had planed to sort out my self and also changed my oil all at no cost!

So i love the car and the service from the dealership is second from none! when my wife is driving again we will be going back to get a tt!!!:happy:

Welcome matey!!

Your Local Audi dealership sounds awesome - wish mine were that good!

I'm glad your getting a good service though - thats more that what can be said of a few members...

Which Audi sealership do you go to ?


thanks for the welcome! I use audi Portsmouth on the eastern road.
very rare that you get good feedback from the dealers, good to share though and give credit where its due.
"Is anyone else interested to hear why the DVLA revoked his wife's license?"

She had a series of fits, which were a side affect of some medication she was on. They have now changed the meds and she is fit free now but still no licence!
Best of luck to your wife. I've had experience of that (not me though) and it's a pain in the rear.

How long are they revoking her license for? If you don't mind me asking, how long has she been fit-free? And is her doctor confident that the fitting won't re-occur?
The same thing happened to my auntie, her licence has been revoked for a minimum of 12 months.