first bad day of s3 ownership!


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Jun 29, 2009
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Surrey, UK
Taken my 2001 s3 into Audi crawley today to see about cam belt offer they have on at the moment.
For those that dont know they have some offer on charging 329 quid for a cambelt pack. Went in today as mine is in desperate need for one having never had a cambelt change. And the amount of addons i was quoted as needing - water pump (obviously) v belt, dampers and some other bits bringing the total cost over £500! i have booked it in provisionally as i dont know anywhere else cheaper but it does seem like a lot of money! Also went in to have the notorious bubbling along the roof rail looked at as i have just noticed it! and got that rejected! all in all not a great day!
Anybody know if there is anywhere i might be able to get the cam belt and tensioners, water pump and coolant, v belt and dampers for cheaper or am i getting a good deal?
Also when rejected on the rust warranty claim is there anything more that can be done? feel really hard done by as i have only had the car for a month and already looking at some serious work for something that states it is claimed for 12 years under warranty!

What reason did they give you for turning you down ?

Why not ring a few other local garages and get some more quotes for the work you want?

Although ideally you want an audi/vag specialist, but as long as the garage has a good reputation it should be fine.
I have just been quoted £320 inc VAT for cam belt, other parts and water pump all in at my local VW/Audi specialist.
Had my cambelt done at SEAT for pretty much bang on £400 with all water pump and tensioners etc inc, was quoted the same sort of price you were from Audi!
Do not pay £500 for a cambelt service - rip off. Find a specialist near you (sure someone will be able to advise on here) and they will be far cheaper. For example Midland VW in Cannock West Mids did mine for £250. Admittedly this is about as cheap as it comes but you can save massively on that quote.

And please do add your details to the anti-corrosion warranty sticky if you haven't already done so. Audi customer care manager Richard Starkey has promised to investigate the issue and respond, so the more people the better in all probability.
For the bubbling rust my car got rejected at Crawley Audi - I took it to Drift Bridge Audi however in Epsom and was all booked in a week later so give them a try!
Cheers for the advice, the cambelt and water pump was £329 but it was the added extras like dampers and v belt and few other bits that brought the total up. can you get the whole lot done alot cheaper then? as for the bubbling, thanks for letting me know, but i thought it was audi uk that decided the claim via pictures not the dealership? though the guy at crawley audi did seem very negative about the whole thing! i got the excuse it had been there too long!
Have a word with Dean at Four rings, he is a mobile audi specialist, top notch work at good prices, alot of people from the south east use them, can't rate them highly enough !
I got a cambelt/water pump change done on my A4 for £130 including parts from some scabby looking backstreet garage in Crawley. Despite their appearance the quality of work is very good and they are used by lots of people.

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