First attempt at detailing


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Thought I'd just post a few piccies of my first attempt at detailing a car with the more 'serious' products purchased from Polished Bliss.

I've been washing and polishing cars for 20 years (with high street products) and have always been happy with the results, until I saw the work of Clark at PB.

First, I bought lambswool and microfibre mitts from Halfrauds and started using the 2 bucket method a few weeks ago, also changed the way I was rinsing the car (hose set to 'shower' rather than 'fine') and this made life much easier. Then I bought the Jeffs acrylic kit from PB and used it for the first time last friday on my 'test' vehicle (Fabia vRS) before using it on our TTR. I've also recently bought a Meguires waffle weave cloth for drying, and this was it's first outing also.

Anyway, this was the car before I started, left it longer than usual between washes to ensure that my hard work could be appreciated...

I don't have any pressure washer available, or fancy foam, so I washed the car using the 2BM with Simoniz(?) car shampoo (I've got 5 litres of the stuff). Dried with the Megs cloth and managed to squeeze half of the car into the garage for a polish.

This is the bonnet before I started with the megs quick clay kit (I've used this once before, but never followed it through with a proper polish).

I followed the quick clay with all the Jeffs products, but instead of just following the instructions on the bottles, I refered to the 'how to' guide on the PB website. The hints and tips of how to remove the Prime Acrylic quickly and easily were greatly appriciated. Here's the after shot...

There is a difference in the photo technique, I found out how to turn the flash off for the 2nd shot!

Anyway, I clayed the entire car, and completed all 3 steps with the Jeffs products, here's a couple of 'reflection' shots of my efforts.


It was raining at the time, and I can only fit half th car in the garage at a time, so this made life a little more difficult and I didn't have time to treat the wheels or dress the tyres, so I left it at that (after 5 hours). The car was then used on wet and muddy roads.

The next morning, there was rather an interesting water pattern on the roof (I've had this before, but I don't think it's ever been as pronounced as this)...

Today I've washed and dried the car, and applied the Jeffs products to the wheels and dressed the tyres with Autoglym vinyl and rubber care (I've used this for ages, but now I'm on the hunt for something better).
The wash and dry process was my quickest ever.... It now looks like this.

The paintwork feels as good today as it did after the polish which is something I don't usually find with the previous products used, so I'm well happy.

A huge thank you to all at PB, they supplied quality products with quick delivery before the Christmas break, but most importantly for me, they have a very informative website that not only gives the lowdown on the products, but offers great advise on how to apply and use them which is obviously gained from their own experiance, cheers all.



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The car looks fantastic now, well done. The JEFFS stuff is superb IMO. On glass, paint, wheels it's a top product. I also use it on my interior charcoal door and dash trim inlays for its cleansing and sealing properties combined, oh and any plastics too.

The AG rubber and trim dressing is one of their 3 good products though.

That's a good job and it's great to hear that someone who has previous huge experience of polishing cars can say that real detailing products do make a difference. And yes, the wash is a breeze now!

Keep on with the JEFFS! But only use the PRIME when you are deep cleansing and removing previous chemicals including your sealant. Any way I'm sure you've been told all that before!




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Cheers both,

I was planning to use the Prime every 6 months, but I'll see how it looks then. This was a tester before I use in on the Avus Silver TTR we have just purchased. Didn't realise it could be used on glass and plastics, thanks for that tip!
The car looks awesome !

Seeing your results makes me want to get out there cleaning too !

Where can I buy Polished Bliss products from ?
James243 said:
The car looks awesome !

Seeing your results makes me want to get out there cleaning too !

Where can I buy Polished Bliss products from ?

Scratch that - I ve just seen the great big banner for them flashing in front of my eyes !