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Finding the RNS-E before removing the unit

VTEC_Killer Nov 14, 2017

  1. VTEC_Killer

    VTEC_Killer Member


    How do I find the RNS-E code on my unit? I need to remove it but need the code before I remove it.

    Engineering mode?

    The unit was a retrofit which I did about 10 years ago.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. mikep99

    mikep99 Active Member Team Phantom Audi RS4

    Hi - just PM'd you....

    To get the code you'd have to take it to a dealer or use one of the ebay suppliers.
    If you're putting the RNS-E back in your car after you've removed it, you "shouldn't" need a code as it should be matched to your VIN.
    If you're selling it, then the new owner will need the code.
    My dealer didn't charge to retrieve the code for me when my car was in for its last service but don't know if this is true of all dealers.
    I've not used the ebay option.
    Might be worth sliding the unit out without unplugging to see if there's a sticker or something on top of the unit with the code on...

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  4. VTEC_Killer

    VTEC_Killer Member

    Thank you!

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