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Hi folks, I'm currently trying to find my old 3DR A3 2.0T Quattro special edition, I owned the car from new back in 2006 and I would like to know where it is now, reason being is that I'm looking for a daily driver and I would like to find out if the owner would be willing to sell.

I know a couple of the folk at my local dealership and I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping me out checking a few things but before I ask them, I'd like to know if anyone knows of a way I could trace the owner bar a dvla v888 form (which is definetly not meant for that purpose)

I've put the plate into the RAC site as well as a few others and they are all saying they have no data....does this mean it could be written off?

As I don't own the car and I don't think anyone on here has it, the number plate is SB06 RSU , it was an absolute cracker, S-line, full leather, parking sensors, xenons, bose, ipod connection, bluetooth, tints...


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Could be good shout...its not yours is it?!


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Had a try but no luck, must be on a private reg right enough.

I guess I'll have to ask my dealer nicely, it's not like I'm after the owner in a bad way but I suppose they have a right to their privacy.


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possibly off road?


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do you have any paperwork with the Vin number? as that could help the dealers


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Why not just go and buy another 2.0T Quattro with the required spec? I understand it was your car but who knows what the current owner has done to it, it's not really any different from buying a completely unknown car unless they've only had it a few weeks...


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I wish I could find my old Leon FR550 but as Aaron said, the current owner may not love it like you did.