finaly put the s3 on the dyno....

a quick vid of the s3 on the dyno

Was that a vid of an actual power run? I don't think they are suppose to put the brakes on so soon so the dyno can measure transmission losses, unless you was getting power figures quoted @wheels?

I maybe a long way off of course. lol
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if its a Dyno dynamics dyno, it doesnt do coastdown losses and uses a "forumla" to calculate an estimated @ fly figure

one of the reasons I dont like atw measuring dyno personally
(its not a complete picture, as rolling losses vary between cars a lot when you actually measure it)
Mine did 278 with a map from bill a 3 inch tip and jetex at 19psi, no other engine mods. I wish they would fit on the rs lol

Dane, what torque did you achive with that set up?
257 ftlbs of the top of my head, but it plateu'd for the whole of the mid range and my car always read low on torque

dyno graph