Finally ordered my Audi A3 S Line 1.8 TFSI (Dolphin Grey), 160 BHP :)


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Apr 21, 2012
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Hi guys, since I sold my Audi A3 FSI 1.6 Sport, I always wanted to buy a S Line but coz I couldn't find one and all were pricy therefore went for the GTI MKV which I'm totally not happy about it since day 1, it's only been couple of months since had my GTI but due to costs I decided to buy a S Line and sell my GTI...

Finally ordered my A3 S Line 1.8 TFSI, the same colour as my brother's A3, the one I sold it to him, and finally gone collect it on Saturday!

A bit pricy but think worth the money; here is some of the spec;

  • Audi A3 S Line 1.8 TFSI (Dolphin Grey), 160 BHP, 8P2
  • Reg 12/2007, (pretty much 2008)
  • 95k (FSH)
  • 1 private former keeper from NEW
  • Full black leather seats
  • Bose sound system
  • 6-speed manual
  • Parking sensor

To be honest I was after a S Line 170 TDI ones, but couldn't find one, so bought this instead!!!

How much would you guys think the car worth?!?
I've got the car anyway, but keen how much do you think the car worth??????????????
I'll upload the pics on Sat!!! :( Sorry don't have any right now!

But here is similar one I found on Google; Apart from the colour, everything is the same; Mine is dolphin grey :)


Keen to see an essential mod list from you experts;
Even though it's got FULL SERVICE HISTORY, what shall I be fussy about when going to collect the car? I'm not an expert about what services been done though, what would it be the important bits that I need to l@@k for?!?

Engine wise, what should I inspect carefull...?!
Just look the service book if the previous owner has changed the water pump.Is was a common problem in 1.8 tfsi.
i am not sure about the price,also its a bit hard to change far i remember .
its doesnt have cam belt the 1.8 tfsi.It has chain...
Aside from the water pump and service history stuff, how much do you guys think the car is worth?!?
i would say in the region of £6000 or a bit more.
maybe more if it is an s-line.
Aside from the water pump and service history stuff, how much do you guys think the car is worth?!?
Thank you guys for the replies, I guess the mileage is a bit high compare to its age but the dealer confirmed it's all motorway mileage which it isn't something to be concerned about;

Anyways; I was just wondering whether the S3 8p2 or 8p3 rear bumper spoiler + diffuser would fit the s line rear bumper without needing to change the entire bumper!?!

I'm talking about the bottom part of the rear bumper not the entire bumper!

Have had great experience with TFSI engines in past, no problem for me, really depends on the state of the car and how the previous owner(s) has used the car.

Post some pics when u picked it up.
It's been a while since I got my Audi, but didn't have the chance to take some pics!

Just took a quick snap and Photoshoped it to my preference which I'm planning to do during either this weekend or the one after!

I've looked a lot of places for a DOLPHIN GREY Audi A3 that it's been moded, but no luck! So thought this might help some others as well!

Please take a look at the pic and let me know your thoughts :)


I was thinking to have do a brush metal for Audi rings, but thought maybe leave it as original!

What do you guys think!
Anyone knows what plastidip I should get to the grill sprayed like that?!?

How about the headlights!?! Is it ligal to go that dark and what sort/brand of lamin-x do you guys rekon?!?