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Finally got a chance to give the motor some TLC

boroboy41 Jul 16, 2013

  1. boroboy41

    boroboy41 Registered User

    With the weather being so damn nice recently I managed to sneak in a good 4 hours on the car while the missus was sunning herself in the garden and the kids were out playing.

    First up was the interior. Removed the mats and vacuumed out with the old Dyson DC08 (I got the car care accessories recently when we traded in the 'car hoover' for a new Dyson for the house, the flexi crevice tool really is great for getting down the sides of and under the seats). Cleaned the dash, door plastics and door seals with AG Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner. Cleaned the leather with AG Leather Cleaner then treated it with AG Leather Balm. Done.

    For the outside I did the alloys with AG Custom Alloy Cleaner then washed using the 2-bucket method (AG Shampoo) and Meg's mitt. Quick dry off then removed as many tar spots as I could find then another quick rinse and dry. While I was on a roll I thought what the hell and bust out the SRP for the first time in 18 months and gave it a quick going over and a good buff. Finished off with AG Aqua Wax then did the glass inside and out with AG Fast Glass.

    I'm really happy with the results, the car's never looked so shiny since it was delivered. When I walked back into the garden the missus said "Have you cleaned my car too? You've been ages"..."Errrm, no pet" :whistle2: To be fair I gave her car a similar going over the following day

    At some point I'm going to have to get some new kit as some of my AG supplies are running out. TBH I can't really fault them and they're easy to get hold of.

    Here's a few snaps of the finished article

    2013-07-13 19.41.29.jpg 2013-07-13 19.41.36.jpg 2013-07-13 19.41.50.jpg
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  3. SuffolkAudiMan

    SuffolkAudiMan Registered User

    I agree, I tend to use AG products, they always come up trumps for me. Only difference is I use AG Extra Gloss Protection!

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