Finally done my B7 complete front end conversion

howdy quattro just a quick question, did you have an s line front bumper on your car before the conversion? and if you did, have you still got it ?? then i wold be interested in purchasing it :)

what exact parts do I need to do this? great work btw its awesome!!!!!
Hi, just stumbled upon your A4 B7 conversion, this is something I also plan to do.

Hey! Its one hell of a conversion and looks fantastic, top marks!

I noticed you source a genuine B7 bumper and bonnet/grille assembly ?

Did the front bumper and bonnet bolt on without any modifications to the parts or the car and did all contours align up ?

I see you have cut the wings and welded the B7 wing sections on to enable the B7 lights to fit.

I'm wondering whether it would be possible to install the B7 bumper without chopping the wings and maybe somehow using or modifying the original headlights or to install the latest offering of headlights from:

I would appreciate your advice please
Aparently Iltek cars need no brakes!!! IF this is a real car why go to the trouble of photoshopping out the brakes???

Have a look on for tuning tips, there is plenty on there for 1.8t tuning including the GT28RS turbo conversion. I can personally recomend Performance Torque, Will did lots of work on my Leon Cupra.

hey man, i just bought an audi a4 2002 and since it was on a front collition might as well make the conversion, any pointers or things i could encounter on doing the conversion..
hi mate first of all you are the man!!!! great absolutely superb job!!! I know it is probably an old tread but I wanted to know if it would be possible for you to send me by message the parts that I need for the conversion and some little hints on how to cut the wings please man I would really appreciate if you can do that, I am currently working on a perfect donor for this conversion, I bought a 2002 Audi A4 V6 that was involve in a car accident and the whole front is missing so it would be perfect if you can give me some ups about how to do this job because it looks great mate. In regards thanks a lot for your help
look for my thread at zine.. im almost done with the same conversion.
Do you require B7 impact dampers?
What was with what I read about headlight wiring modifications?

Someone must have a full guide somewhere surely
It was probably an accidental dislike, I've seen that happen a few times.
hats off to that man for doing that gavsman but i really cant see the point in that myself id rather save to have the real deal but thats just me.
A few people have done that over the years. What you say makes sense Simon, but if you've got the time and the skills to do it yourself it's a LOT cheaper than an RS4 would be, especially for a younger driver on the insurance etc.
yeah here that mate would it not be better to buy a b7 less work to do and all ;-)
hats of to you m8....... looking sweet there fella i dont think i could attack mine with a cutting disk though lol....

but fair play for trying it out and even better that it works and looks sweet...
To dig up and old post... awesome work!
Have been looking at some cosmetics for mine and stumbled across this.
Never knew the lines were different, good job!

does look good - and a job well done fella

but not to my taste - personally i think the B6 front end looks sweet enough if you can stick a Votex bumper on. Id rather wait to get the B7 when and eventually.