Figuring out what phone prep options an A6 4F has


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Sep 15, 2011
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Hi folks,

I've finally bought a shiny '04 A6 which I'm extremely happy with. I'm now trying to figure out what options I have for using a mobile phone with the car.

I have the DVD sat nav option with MMI high (colour screen) and a GSM phone with a Motorola handset in the armrest into which I need to insert a SIM. I've already got two phones (HTC Desire and iPhone 4) so a third SIM with another number isn't really a good idea, and additional SIMs on either phone isn't an option. I'd like to also be able to play my music from my iPhone.

Audi themselves have referred me to a local shop who tried to sell me a Parrot system, but I'd rather use something that's integrated with the car. The car does have Bluetooth - I can see it in both phones when I first start the car, but neither phone will pair successfully (both time out with an error despite entering the correct pin on both the handset and the car). There's a plethora of options from Kufatec available but I've no idea which one I need.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Try pairing the phones to the car within 5 minutes of putting key in ignition. I was flipping out trying to do mine. Took it to Audi and the parts man went and did it immediately, told me it had to be done within 5 minutes of putting key in ignition. never had a problem sincr pairing phones.
You cannot make a Bluetooth connection to the motorola phone prep. This must either be removed or disabled and the standard Audi Bluetooth module fitted. Where are you based as your best option is to get one of the Audi retrofit companies to do the job.
Damn, I thought that might be the case, but there seems to be a lot of FUD around on this specific topic.

I'm near Cardiff.
I have same..the car is fibre optic so really the only decent system is the Dension 500, I bought one and they are easy to install and very good!! the phone can be added with the BTA1500 but you have to disable what you already have frist which may be harder. I can help you with the dension 500, look on you tube for fitting instructions...easy! but I just left the phone in the car with a pay as you go sim. cris