Few questions i need help with.


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I have a 53 plate Audi A3 2.0TDI 140 i brought the car in November and everything has been great but i'm starting to get a few problems which are starting to become annoying and i wont to stop them getting any worse.

The first problem and the most annoying is when i lock my car once I've open the boot or the drivers door and alarm sounds as I've left a door open and the only was to stop this is to open and close the passenger door even if i haven't opened it or moved.

The second one is on the heater motor setting i cant seem to get the arrow with the A/c selected on all the time it only works sometime so i don't know if this is me not setting it correctly or something wrong.

Thanks in advance if you need anymore info just ask.


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Hi Chris,

Firstly is it the standard alarm system that is fitted or a aftermarket one.
If it is the standard one id suggest popping into the nearest Audi and let them plug in and take a look.
I had a similar issue and they re-coded it for me free of charge. You have multiple setting you can choose from once they have plugged in. What happened with me was when i pressed the unlock button on my remote it would open both doors but in my case i only wanted it to open the drivers door. So they change the setting. Now if i press the unlock button once it open the drivers door, if i press it twice it opens all doors. Which in my opinion is far more convenient.

I am not 100% sure about the AC issue but from my experience if you have the climate control on it will maintain the temp that you set.
An example would be the following: If i set mine on 18'c and put the AC on, it will use the AC till the temp inside the car is at 18'c and then slow down the fan speed and switch the AC off to maintain that temp and not make it colder. I would suggest setting the temp all the way down to "LO" and put the AC on.

Best of luck. Let me know if this helps.