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Few questions/advise

somchai Jul 28, 2014

  1. somchai

    somchai Registered User

    Hi im fairly new to the forum as ive mentioned before in previous thread also bit of a noob when it comes to the technical issues etc hence why i am coming on here for 1st class advice, so lots of questions, i will hold some back so not to bore you.

    1. has anyone used topgaitors to change their door panels (inserts) ? here is a link ( WHITE STITCH 2X DOOR CARD TRIM LEATHER SKIN COVERS FITS AUDI A3 8P S3 03-12 3DR | eBay ) if so any pics/review ?

    2. would this gear stick work on my 2004 3.2 quattro ( Audi A3 8P Gear Lever In Leather Black/Silver Audi Gear Knob Cuff 6-speed | eBay )

    i know this one fits, but the other is half the price

    (Audi A3 S3 Gear Knob 6 speed handle Leather RS3 A3 8P Genuine NEW | eBay )

    3. I am desperately wanting to update my steering wheel after changing my interior to leather, either by retrim or buy a completly new wheel ?? please any one retrimmed this wheel before any pics or ideas ?? didnt really want to get into the whole dual stage single stage airbag problems etc

    i am looking to send the wheel to Germany if i am getting this re trimmed, are there any more local ??

    pic of my interior and wheel



    4. i have ordered the eibachs lowering springs(30mm), and now a bit worried i wont see too much difference to what it is now, here is the a pic and yes photoshop background, please any advise would be great


    i have more questions no doubt but will stop there for now, thanks in advance for any help
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  3. RS3dan

    RS3dan Registered User

    No real experience here but IMHO stick on leather trim will almost certainly look shte, nothing like that ever works like the picture suggest - but I'm sure others may disagree/have done it - each to their own!
  4. Jason-3.2

    Jason-3.2 Registered User

    Get h&r 35mm springs, just fitted eibach and it has raised the car if anything.
    As for the wheel, there are plenty of car trimmers around the country that could retrim your wheel cheaper than sending it to German.
  5. somchai

    somchai Registered User

    spoke to AMD about the springs and they assured me it will drop, so still a little undecided, i will pop in to have a chat with them this week to either pick them up or upgrade to blisteins coilovers.

    Anyone on here had their steering wheel re trimmed ? particularly the same as mine and an image we can see.

    thanks for the 2 members who replied

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