Few questions about B9 Avant 190 TDI


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I am thinking about purchasing an 16-17 A4 Avant 2.0 TDI 190 S-Line with about 60k for about £17.5k. I know this is not the right time to buy a second hand car , but we had a baby right now and the car would help us. We also have money in saved so it does not make sense to lease/finance. Here is the car we are looking at:

We do not commute drive to work but the extra space in the car will help hence the Avant. We also know it's not a great market right now for used cars, we are not in dire need but would be helpful and I do not think the used car prices will stabilize until at least 12-18 months from now.

1. The car has 60k miles which is probably twice what I would like. What are some of the issues/repairs to look after?
2. It's mostly urban driving with longer weekend trips. Will DPF issues be a problem?
3. The one we are looking at comes up with an S-Tronic. Is this is a good transmission? I prefer manual however my wife is transferring a Canadian license so she can only drive an automatic in the UK. The fact we live in London the auto may be better.
4. We think Avant may be more practical than sedan put any input is appreciated.
5. It's an S-Line with 18 inch wheels. Is the ride too hard for a city and a new baby?
6. Is there an option of looking up the full list of options based on the registration plate? I think this one has tech package but want to check if it has LED lights, lumbar support, 54 tank, type of suspensions, etc.
7. I noticed that the S-Line cars all come with leather/cloth combo and not full leather. What are peoples thoughts about leather/combo inserts versus pure leather?

Any input/advice on the car is much appreciated.

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Whats your longest weekly trip in distance?

Whereabouts in town roughly will you be.

18's are ok but depends on london area tbh, suspension is the key mostly, with Sadiq & councils slowing us down with charges here & there aswell as 20mph zones, hump roads, cameras, we'll all end up walking london.

Stronic is good if its serviced well & not used as an F1 car, but they usually can handle the torque.


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The lights fitted to that particular one are matrix led. do all sorts of funky stuff.

Actually best check. The pictures aren’t totally conclusive to me.

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Driving will mostly be on weekends. 50% of time will be driving out 5-20 miles. We are in SE5 area but will be moving 5+ miles out next year when buying a house. I never had and always wanted a diesel (I used to live in the US) I figured this is last car before going electric.

Also, how difficult is it to retrofit an OEM reverse camera into the car and how can I check if the car has the bigger 54 liter tank?

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I have a 190 tdi A4 Avant.

Common/known Issus with:
Ad blue pump sensor requiring new ad blue pump
heated mirrors
knocking noise from rear panel
Tensioner squeal
Tyre wear front inside edges
gearbox oil cover leak

2.Generally no so long as you let the car do it’s regen cycle.

3. Good transmission, smooth on the move but jerky when during slow driving. Reliable bar the above issue. - must be serviced every 37k.

4. The avant is more practical than the saloon of course. However it’s a small car, an A6 would be a better choice for a family.

5. ride comfort is good.

6 - Vin number and myAudi app lists all spec

7. leather is better- but if there’s no heated seats then the cloth is better.