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Jul 29, 2013
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north wales
Hi, picked up my 2002 plate S3 on Saturday and all in all its a minter but it has the usual bubbling starting on the rails and EML is on but is coming up with 02 sensor bank 1 so that has been ordered.

Some times it will take a while to start but no indication that the battery or starter motor is on there way out,any other possibilities?

cheers hopey88
Might be shooting completely in the dark because I'm not familiar with S3's specifics. But had a similar problem with my A3 taking a while to start. The problem was with the fuel pump. It didn't keep the pressure up while the engine wasn't running so all the fuel flowed back into the tank. Once you started the car it took a while for the pump to get the fuel up, which explains the long periods of hitting the ignition. Often when it took a long time for the engine to start, when it finally started (pretty roughly) the engine would cut itself out immediately. Heard that it was because of the ECU "thinking" that the engine is being over flooded with fuel by starting so long.

The easiest way to test it (not 100% reliable, you wont know for sure till you've measured the pressures in the fuel line) is to hit the ignition only for couple of seconds. Don't do the long startings, just hit the ignition for couple of seconds. And then try it again right after. If your problem is like mine was, it will start right away on the second go.

The problem could lie in a number of other things which could all be cheaper to fix. Blaming the fuel pump should be on the bottom of the list. Meaning try other things first before changing the pump.

Sorry if I'm totally wrong guys. I'm still green. :unsure:
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just for the record my post cat o2 lambda sensor was playing up, i soaked it in vinegar for about a week reinstalled it & it hasnt thrown up a fault since (this was about 3-4months ago).
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my car wont start til second go spluttering into life(it don't do it once warm) , its always started first time, found yesterday that the pcv pipe from the block upto that accumulator puck?, has completely severed itself looks like someone had used plumbing fittings inside of the pipe it was still attached one end but not the other, now it starts as soon as turn the key.,but i just keep getting more and more vacuum leaks fix 1, 2 more appear lol.
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Cheers for the advice :) i'll get on it asap
Anyone know about the warranty on the rails?
depends on the dealer you go to, i had the dealer pay 70% of the costs to repair it, i still had to pay out over £300 though
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