few bits n bobs fitted recently and a wash today - first pics of my car ive taken


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Dec 30, 2012
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Stanley, North East, UK

Thought i would start the thread now and i will add more pics as soon as i get home.

Honeycomb grill fitted today, wind deflectors fitted yesterday, remapped on wednesday, new alloys

Left to do - votex lower front bumper to paint and fit, color code the whole lower and get my coilovers fitted, been in the garage for weeks. Joey the headlights, aero wiper arms

Pics up in an hour or so. Gona give it a polish now that av washed the ***** :)
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the grill i am not to sure of pal, alway's like the Audi badge, now you have the alloys on you going to lower it a little ?
Mine is an se yes, i have the coilovers to go but had not time yet and as for the audi badge i was undecided on the rings, i have the bit to put my original rings back on if i wanted to but because that means extra work and i wasnt sure i left them off for now. ALSO after i washed it i had a nightmate in my hands as it would start then judder and cut out and for those of you that know i had a vac pipe drama a few weeks back and after i spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out the problem i found the valve that controls the egr plunger has failed and my egr is constantly sucking my gasses back through. Home made egr delete showed it who was boss and now the car runs like a dream and my vac pipe issue is resolved :)
With the planned mods and ones already done should be looking good coilovers will make a big difference
Looking good, great start get them coilovers on,

Mine started out as an SE 4 months back.

I second the refitting of the rings on the grill I have the same grill and considered leaving them off and Im glad i didn't as just looks a bit empty
Darren you've just given me hope for my SE seeing yours transformed to what it is now!

I won't ask how much it cost you... I think I might cry!

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