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t8ups Nov 11, 2015

  1. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    This thread is dedicated for feedback on the products I sell, the service I provide, if you want to share your experience, good or bad, please don't hold back as if there things we could improve them please constructively let me know.
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  3. Hayley19854

    Hayley19854 Member

    Ordered LED 8p registration plate loom/lights ...paid for and arrived next day...guidance and information given when asked ...great service and will be buying other lights from these being a success
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  4. dandruffe

    dandruffe New Member

    Second time purchasing from Trups and EM Tuning, firstly for LED DRL's on my 2009 A3 and more recently for a full LED interior kit, fogs and plate lights for my brothers 2010 A3 Sportback. I'm going to be honest, both times we had a few issues with the lights; my DRL's kept showing a fault in hot weather (but I ended up selling the car thereafter so didn't bother me) and my brother had issues with his LED plate lights still displaying the error message. HOWEVER, I could not have asked for any better service from an individual. Both times Trups was truly eager to help solve the problems and it was like having your own personal auto electrician on hand, wanting to further their own knowledge as well as your own on more than reasonable terms. Therefore I would not hesitate to recommend EM Tuning and their products and I'm sure will be back for more in the future! Thanks guys!
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  5. Chrisk1993

    Chrisk1993 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Ordered from T8ups multiple times, interior kit, led number plate, drl sidelight and fog lights for my a3 and he even went through the process of changing my drl as it didn't match the xenon bulbs.
    Purchased interior led kit for 65 reg Tiguan and had issues fitting it as the Cambus wouldn't reset due to the keyless entry and he was on the phone trying to sort it out with me.
    Couldn't recommend him enough and he's my go to for bulbs and would suggest him to anyone

    Only one downside... He needs to stop teasing me with his future plans and prototypes!
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  6. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Ordered a set of fog and interior bulbs for my 8P, when I changed to the 8V the first thing I did was get another set from him.

    The quality and service are second to none, would recommend him for all bulb requirements.
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  7. Mat1987

    Mat1987 Member

    Ordered the interior kit and number plate bulbs on Wednesday and they arrived Thursday.

    Cant fault the quality of the product and the service is some of the best around. If anyone wants some bulbs and knowledge then Trups is ya man!!!!!
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  8. Pur8

    Pur8 Active Member

    Recently purchased led number plate lights and error canceler loom from t8ups, second time purchasing from him as I already had the interior led light pack and fog bulb upgrade from him.
    Great service, fast response to messages, knowledgeable about each model of car and their pitfalls when it comes to led lighting and lightening fast delivery.
    Couldn't be happier with the product or the service. Highly recommend.

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