feedback pot for xenon light auto level


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i have noticed that when the previous owner of my car changed the suspension to adjustable coilovers, the feedback pot and linkage arm for the xenon auto level has been left un attached. im assuming this is supposed to be attached to a bracket on the original shock. however the new shock has no bracket/mount to connect to.

if this is the case, can someone kindly measure the dimension from the centre of the bottom shock mount/pivot bolt, to the centre of the ball on the pot linkage arm.

these 2 datum points will allow me to mount it in the OE position regardless of differences in the shock shapes.

pictures of this arrangement would be most helpfull.


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It actually attaches to the front lower arm. There should be a little metal clasp thing that holds it on.


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show us some pics of how yours is at the moment


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is this on the drivers side at the front and i assume at the passenger side at the rear?