Feedback from those with S3s now


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It's done and dusted all on CCTV and I'm booked into Audi on Tuesday for a quote to have it repaired. Hopefully they'll give me a nice car to travel in whilst it's getting sorted. Is a chauffeur too much to ask??!


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It's done and dusted all on CCTV and I'm booked into Audi on Tuesday for a quote to have it repaired. Hopefully they'll give me a nice car to travel in whilst it's getting sorted. Is a chauffeur too much to ask??!

That is good news.


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OK, so 2,400 miles on the clock now. Time for some feedback for you nice folk!

I've come from a Golf Mk4 V6 4Motion - lovely old beast but was pretty long in the tooth (mine since new, over 13 years together). My thoughts on the S3:

The bad:
  • Turbo lag - still getting used to this, didn't suffer from this with the old Golf (probably due to the fact it didn't have one :)). It's just taken some getting used to, don't think it's bad lag for a turbo at all but it's there.
  • Music comes on every time I start the car - really minor but if I pause it, I would like it to stay paused...
  • Stupid sat nav - routing is not very smart and every time I leave home going south with a direction in sat nav it wants to route me down a side road and through a 3 foot deep ford. I've managed to avoid it so far... Overall sat nav is great but it's routing choices are not always very good.
  • Side visibility - really noticeable pillars when looking left at junction vs. 3 door Golf (suspect that's just a 5 door issue!).
  • Pre-sense false alarms - I have no idea if this is just me or not but there's a drain cover down the road from me that sets off the ****** warning almost every time I go over it. It's not raised but the car doesn't like it for some reason and I get a red warning pops up - anyone else had false alarms from this?

OK, not a very long bad list, time for the good:

  • Design - really love the look of the car, very understated and spot on (for me). I never got a Golf R as I thought it "shouted" too much but the S3 is great.
  • Performance - deceptive and effortlessly fast. I knew this from my test drives but it really is silly. You put your foot and and before you know it, you're doing more than you should - oops :) Great cornering grip, even on those Conti things (no alloy protection in the slightest!! Eagle F1's next.).
  • Interior - Love the minimalistic interior, great design esp. the pop-up screen. Everyone who's been in the car thinks it's slick and well designed. Seating position suits me fine, gorgeous steering wheel leather.
  • MMI - absolutely brilliant and the integration/controls work really well. Things certainly have come along nicely since my old Golf :) Having all my music on an SD card is fab.
  • Bluetooth - gosh, isn't it handy for it to connect to your phone and all that jazz. Poor old Golf didn't have that either...
  • Seats - really comfortable (long trips still very comfortable, very happy here but I'm not someone who suffers on this front anyway, so maybe I'm easily pleased!) and glad I went alcantara vs. full leather, loving the heated seats.
  • 3rd gear - damn me, I've hit the limiter when not paying attention twice now, it rushes through 3rd gear when overtaking. But I'm now used to that and all is OK! Makes overtaking so damn easy and brings a smile! Now, I don't want any lectures about how I should've got an S-Tronic :)
  • Load-through - used this a few times and combined with luggage net, works really well to secure all the stuff down in the boot
  • LED headlights - just wow. Only driven in the dark a couple of times but leagues better than my old lights (esp. sign illumination, range is staggering).
  • ACC - now this is really cool. I hadn't driven a car with this and I'm not a fan of normal CC but thought it sounded like a good idea and it is! Slap in your chosen speed and away you go! It's got its foibles but once you're aware of them, it's fine (car ahead turning off, getting back up to chosen speed, etc.). And a great safety feature, this will definitely move down the car food chain!
  • 5 doors - Golf had 3 enormous and heavy doors, the 5 door S3 is much more practical esp. for passengers.
  • MPG - getting an average of 33mpg out of it. A lot of my driving is fairly short trips in 30/40 limits and I'm impressed with the fuel efficiency. Yes, you can easily get it much lower but on the busy roads around me there's generally not much of a chance anyway! Fed with V-Power only.

So, there you have it. I've probably forgotten to mention various other good points but that's what springs to mind at the mo.

Overall, the car is awesome and I'm quite sure I'll going to enjoy the next few years of motoring immensely!!

Tommy Q

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Good write up OB1. Agre with the routing on the SD Nav. I was coming down the A46 towards Lincoln the other day, clear road, and it wanted to route me through some villages for a couple of miles. I ignored it and all was fine.


I was coming up the A1 towards Grantham on Thursday night and it kept trying to route me off the A1. I thought I'd ignore it again but turned out a lorry had crashed and there was a 45 minute delay.

So now im in a position of do I ignore the routing or not!


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I did that the other day... kept trying to route me through the town centre instead of to the M1 when I was trying to go to London, turned out there was an accident on the M1, I discovered too late (while driving down the slip road) that it was at a literal standstill. Didn't move for about 30 mins, then it cleared, so not too bad in the end but still, I'll listen to the nav next time!


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Does anyone know what system the sd nav uses for rerouting. I always thought the TomTom HD traffic was good and on limited experience so far, it certainly seems better than Audi's system, but presumably they must share on of the traffic network's infratructure?


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I think a lot of the traffic information for most systems comes from the same place to be honest.


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Does anyone know what system the sd nav uses for rerouting. I always thought the TomTom HD traffic was good and on limited experience so far, it certainly seems better than Audi's system, but presumably they must share on of the traffic network's infratructure?

As I understand it, the tech pack gets traffic info from the traffic message channel but I don't know if SD uses the same:

Traffic message channel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And this certainly seems to work pretty well.

It's the general route decision making that's somewhat daft! And that's with the latest map pack installed too.


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Pity. Tech pack is an expensive toy if I just end up using tomtom on the phone !


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I was on Pistonheads readers cars and a guy (bit of a legend) has bought an E61 M5 (the V10 estate) anyway someone commented that if you pump the brake at traffic lights it primes the box to let the engine know you're about to set off and creates a smoother getaway.

I drive my S3 in economy mode on the motorway sometimes and it's much the same except with the accelerator. I imagine that people find when the engine catches back up with the road speed there is a lurch and some lag which isn't that nice but if you give the throttle a quick dab and then go back to accelerate it picks up much smoother....which is nice.


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Sooo the 1000 mile review. I'll keep this really simple and make a pros & cons list.

  • Great acceleration from the car, really can notice the difference in comparison to my old one.
  • Quattro system just grips and grips no matter what the weather.
  • Love the overall look of the car - still looking behind me every time I walk away and smiling.
  • ACC is by far the best option I got on the car, completely changes the driving style.
  • Holding down the boot release on the key and watching the boot open is something which I'll never get tired of showing off.
  • I've only done Launch Control 3 times, but wow... turns from an executive saloon to an F1 car!
  • Being able to stream your music through bluetooth is really useful, doesn't affect the quality either.
  • LED headlights are just brilliant, lights up the road as if it isn't even night time. Makes the car look so much slicker too.
  • Having parking sensors for the first time ever has made a huge difference. The parking ability has gone up so much more now.
  • Really like how the MMI screen appears from inside the dash.

  • Voice recognition on the car isn't very intelligent. I wouldn't say that I'm part of the aristocracy or anything, but I am half decently spoken. But the car hardly ever recognises what I'm saying. Also I find that the system is rather slow in picking up what's been said. My old Focus ST was much quicker, almost instant, and that system was designed in 2005/6.
  • Every time you connect your phone and play music for some reason the MMI takes it off shuffle. Really frustrating having to then go back onto my phone while driving to change it.
  • If the voice recognition does actually manage to recognise what I'm saying and brings up my contact and that contact has more than 1 entry in my phone book there is no way of knowing which one that I actually want. It should have the number next to the name otherwise you have to go through the whole rigmarole of recognising the voice again when you choose the wrong one.
  • The ACC occasionally cuts out with a friendly ping, no idea why, but it does make me lose confidence in its ability.
  • Advertised mpg isn't anywhere near what actually is achieved, I'm averaging 25-30 and that's driving sensibly.
  • MMI lead should be longer. I've just replaced the lighter with a 12V USB thing and connected my phone cable there instead.
  • I feel that there should be a couple more areas to store things near to the driver. The glove box is ok sized, but I already have the manual in there and there isn't much space for more.

Anyway that's it for now. I do love this car, wouldn't swap it for anything right now. Another review at 5000 or 10000 miles? Let me know :)


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I presume it's the saloon, I'm sure that opens automatically when you push the button on the remote.


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Sorry I did not understand this.

It works on the SB too but doesn't spring fully open, just unlocks and opens a whisker. Assume the saloon does the whole pop-up shebang?


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I believe so, I'm still waiting for mine so I'm yet to find out.


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Yeah the whole boot opens when you press the boot open button on the key.


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Pity that wasn't an option on the SB as my wife would have insisted on it!


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1,500 miles report


Performance - not so sure now I will bother to remap, it's plenty quick enough. Trounces most cars on the road, even got away from my mates TTRS last week, that surprised us both, but he was struggling to stay with me

Interior quality - everyone who's been in it loves it. Me included of course!

Looks - subtle, but mean! I have titanium colour wheels, black styling pack and privacy glass - just 'makes' the car IMO

Economy - averaging 33mpg but have achieved 40 mpg now on a few trips

Colour - love the missano red, really stunning colour and suits the S3 so much

Stealth - I'm not so sure many people know what you're driving! A good thing in my book.

Steering - in dynamic. Best Audi for that I have driven in ages.

Not so good

Throttle pedal - the new design is terrible. I was to be able to rest the heel of my foot on the base of the pedal in all the S or RS Audis I have owned for the past 10 years, now with this new design I can't and I find myself constantly trying to balance my foot on the pedal, which only takes the weight of my foot to sink to the floor. I keep accelerating when I don't want to and my calf aches from constantly having to lift off. Have read on other forums that people are not happy with the new design either. If I wear shoes or boots with heels, it sort of negates the issue. But why should I? Not at all happy with this issue. Obviously designed by a German Dominatrix in 6" heels! I notice Audi are putting this pedal set up on all their new cars, oh dear... it's **** IMO

Driving position - near impossible for me to find a comfortable driving position. Seats don't adjust the way they should and they're too high, even when cranked down as low as they go.

Steering wheel adjustment - poor; doesn't go low enough or far enough for me

12v socket - just looks like a fag lighter, cheapening the look of the interior. I will have to disconnect the light and find something to blank off the socket... any suggestions?

Boot size - with rear seats up, it's smaller than my last S3! So my old boot liner will not fit, it's too big!


I found a storage tray under the drivers seat! Like it! 3 weeks of driving and never knew it was there. Doh.

So, 7/10 so far. Hopefully over the next month I have got comfortable and got used to that horrid pedal! I will report back...
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Well, had a long (really loooong) run in the S3 over the past week - been up to Uig and back! ACC is a real pleasure on these long runs.

Really enjoyed the run north of Glasgow through the glens, had a deadline so plenty of (safe) overtaking was to be done. Even had to overtake a 14 plate S3 saloon that was showing no signs of passing the queue in front! Sorry if it was someone on here :cool: So easy to squirt past cars, makes overtaking really safe, especially as you tend to get a queue building up on those roads.

Will be glad when I get rid of the Conti tyres though, GY Asym 2 will be going on next.


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Made a quick and easy mod this afternoon to the rear lights, using a smoked film to take some of the redness out, could of gone darker but didn't want to give powers that be more of an excuse to pull me over...

Before & After pic...

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SilureMark - have a look at the Audi LED torch - plugs into the 12v socket and has the four rings in the crystal effect plastic. Looks better than the standard plug blank and useful too. About £18 quid tho...


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SilureMark - have a look at the Audi LED torch - plugs into the 12v socket and has the four rings in the crystal effect plastic. Looks better than the standard plug blank and useful too. About £18 quid tho...

I haven't actually, but I will. Thanks for that, much appreciated. Mark.

Tommy Q

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So Ive had my S3 for 7 weeks now and done approx 3500 miles. (probably should have got another diesel!)

I have had 2 A3's prior to this. both being 2.0TDI Sport and S-line.

I was looking at a Quatrro TDI for my next car, but realized the price increase to an S3 wasn't actually that much. So thought YOLO!.

- Its a brilliant car, grip and power is immense, but tootles around town very well. Great on long runs, longest was 200 miles.
- Fuel economy is to be expected. Not great but for the power its very good.
- This car is quick. I'm serious about that, put it in Dynamic with the S-Tronic set to S and youre in licence losing territory before you know it.
- I have tested a variety of modes and s-tronic combinations and find dynamic engine, auto gearbox and auto steering is the best combo for me. Haven't noticed any difference in fuel economy from eco to dynamic (as long as the gearbox is in auto).
- Launch control is a bit of fun.
- seats could do with better lateral support
- Glove box is lot smaller then previous, but that's mainly because the cd player and SD cards are in there
- Rear boot space is a lot shallower than my previous non quattro cars. I guess because of the clutch for the Haldex
- Its discrete.
- SD Sat Nav is ok. But throws some really strange routings out. Once it was trying to tell me to go round a round about 360 degrees. Strange. Traffic routing isn't great either. dont know when to trust it.
- interior is a class above anything else in the price bracket
- my mrs has a 1 series and that does drive a bit more poised. But i prefer the drive of the A3/S3. A bit more forgiving and easier to drive on long distances

Glad I got one!
- Great all rounder

Really like it.

Tommy Q

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I forgot to mention. After about 2000 miles the exhaust note sounds much better. Really throaty.
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Sounds like my kind of car :)


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I have had my S3 4 days
The pedals to be honest i think are a bit naff, I would like to be able to press say buttons 1-6 to change radio stations rather than having to select on MMI, the damping is a bit off and skips about when cornering on bumpy roads (excellent grip on smooth roads), averages 38 on a steady 75mph cruise which is impressive. Yet to go above 3.5k revs but the low down grunt is actually very suprising and way better than I thought it would be e.g. 4th at 1500revs is no problem and accelerates very cleanly.

Interestingly my Mrs has a 1 series diesel company car and the S3 is miles ahead in every way, build is so much better in Audi.


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Can you not skip stations using the steering wheel buttons or via the volume control on the transmission tunnel?


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Can you not skip stations using the steering wheel buttons or via the volume control on the transmission tunnel?

Yep but skip one by one rather than moving from station 1 to station 4.
I know i know big problems!

I am looking forward to hving done over 2000miles though as the exhaust is a little quieter than I thought it would be, next week it is doing 900miles in a single trip to warmer climes, but only slighty warmer given this years UK summer!


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I've had mine for two weeks today and not really able to provide much feedback as I haven't done many miles yet.....

But so far I love it to bits, I find a petrol engine far superior to a diesel. I've come to the conclusion that a oil burner is not for me.


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I'm glad you can skip stations with the steering wheel, I was wondering about that.


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Had mine since March 1st.

Ive come from a Peugeot 307xsi

1) After 2 days dome plank drove into the back of my car at max 5 mph in slow moving traffic on the M4 - total moron - new bumper and all ok now though it took 6 weeks due to sheer incompetence at Sytnerdrive, Audi approved repairer and dealer. Dealer didn't seem to give a toss. Synterdrive were worse than useless and were lucky I didn't sue them. anyway the repairer after two attempts have done a good job.

2) As for the car, cant say im overly impressed with the quality
a) passenger side wing mirror was grating so that's been replaced
b) driver side wing mirror seems to be doing the same now
c) Pano roof rattle
d) On the day I picked up the car the sound deadening came away and rubbed against the tyre - the offending part was cut and was supposed to be replaced - it STILL hasn't been replaced!!
e) A loud noise came from the washer pump - think its about to fail - when I say loud I had the B&O stereo on at 30 and could hear the noise clearly
f) B&O crackling - still need to test to see if its just one song - dealer though it was because of my car camera install - lol, why do audi dealers seemingly always treat customers like idiots
g) turbo lag - seems to be a massively long delay unless I put it in dynamic
h) visibility is quite poor but nowhere near as bas as the merc A class which is awful (if someone asks you why you didn't buy an a45, this alone is the reason why - its like driving in a gloomy letterbox

So really not impressed with Audi quality at all!!

a) Like the gas strut for the bonnet
b) love the interior
c) standard seats are very comfortable
d) heated seats great
e) nice car to drive
f) pano roof is nice despite its silly price
g) B & O is good - well worth the money
h) mmi is superb and very intuitive - best part of the car as its so easy to use - I drove an a class and their system was a joke - looked like something from fisher price and was a mess - so bad I didn't use it - wife test drove it but hated the car
I) acc is great - just wish all tailgating dims**ts would get lost and go and get a car with it
J) power is great

done about 3500 miles and average mpg is at 28.4 as I do mainly short journeys in heavy traffic on the m4

However a trip from warminster to Berkshire I managed 41.4 mpg driving mainly like a nun as I had the family in the car and it was late and the weather was monsoon like

also got 40.4mpg from Walton to Berkshire

impressive for a 300 bhp car, my colleagues boring Prius does 55mpg

Despite the problems, the car is great
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I forgot to mention. After about 2000 miles the exhaust note sounds much better. Really throaty.

Yeah, I noticed that too. Just passed 3,000 miles on my S3 today.

My stop/start has started to play up. It will not switch off at all. Going to have to take the car in for that I suppose. Second fault in two months... the rattling windows was the other. Not exactly a good start, when I think the last Audi I had (TTRS) in two years never had a single issue... having said that, everything else is A OK. Averaging 33mpg, often getting 36 to 40 on long runs when not in a hurry. Performance is excellent and I have now got used to the new throttle pedal, but it took a while. Biggest gripe is the lack of adjustment in the steering wheel. I have found a compromise and have settled into the car, but it's not great. I just can't adjust the wheel low and near enough to where I need to be sitting, to be comfortable. The stupid way the front seats adjust doesn't help either. I just hope for the RS3 they sort some of this out, as I do plan to buy one next year. We shall see. S3 = 7/10 for me right now. It is still growing on me though...
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6500 miles done in my S3 in the past 5 months (almost) including a 1100 mile round trip

Cant fault the build quality or economy (37-40mpg on my slow country road commute) and no
problems at all so far. The only thing id really note is the enjoyment I got from driving it has faded rather faster
than I expected after coming to this car after a long string of necessary boring cars.

Maybe it's using it as a commuting car thats knocked the shine off of owning it or maybe im just too hard to please!
problem lies in theres nothing else in the price range that really appeals so I guess I'll stick with it for a while.


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The exhaust definitely starts sounding better after a few 000 miles.
I have done 5k now and was giving it a blast - taking it to the red line yesterday. It's beginning to sound much, much sportier than when it was new.
The warm weather may be helping a bit.