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Great meet, good to meet everyone again and some new faces too. Thanks Richard, Robert and Glenn for the tour and the hospitality with the buns and drinks. Was great to see round the new renovations having be in it a few times since, the art work walls were amazing! Thanks also to you Sandra for organsing it :), I got quite a few photos from today, so hopefully get them uploaded over the next few days.


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Was great to see how portadown runs day to day and meet Glen and Robert. Good to see you guys again and some new faces also. Thanks to Sandra as always for organising.
Car booked in for service with portadown.
Cheers folks

Ps I want some of that wallpaper and artwork...


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Great morning and another great tour of the facilities.

Portadown Audi is based on a different style within the Audi brand so the showroom looks very different to Belfast yet very much the same!

Robert and Glen showed us their great knowledge and enthusiasm for the Audi brand and again, I wasn't disappointed with the quality of the tour!

Thanks goes to Sandra, Glen and Robert for organising a very interesting tour and also to @Brennan. Aaron you're a good sport for sucking up all the banter and sticking the BMW in the middle of the Audi line


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Many thanks to Portadown Audi for having us today. Robert the parts manager was a gentleman as usual and remembered my name after a long time of me not being in. Glen was also a super nice guy, really knows his stuff about the brand and the ethos behind it, he provided an excellent and informative tour for us.

The renovated building looks fantastic, a lot of work has been put in and you can tell. The Audi artwork/prints on the walls were also very impressive.

Only thing was that the tour was over quicker than I thought it would have been but this is probably due to this being a smaller dealership.

I'm very much forward to the next one at Portadown Audi.


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Thanks goes to Sandra, Glen and Robert for organising a very interesting tour and also to @Brennan. Aaron you're a good sport for sucking up all the banter and sticking the BMW in the middle of the Audi line

Thanks Steve, I knew what I was in for anyway, but like I said it's hard to leave you guys because I get on so well with you all. It was hilarious, I had to laugh at Mrs Statler keeping me going about the well documented life of the Audi on Facebook in pictures hahaha It was really great getting a catchup and chat with you all again :)


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A few pics of mine.

Firstly here's me, sitting over in Prentice, wondering if I dare come over or not haha

Next up Audi













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Also want to say a big thanks to @Sandra for organising this event, this lady would go through fire and water to make sure we all have a great time. Sandra will remain as someone who's always very close to my heart.


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What can I say it was another fantastic tour from Portadown Audi, from the moment we walked in the door we all received a warm welcome. The cakes were delicious and went down a treat.

I would like to say a big thank you to Glenn and Robert for providing such an interesting and detailed tour of their impressive new showroom since its redesign.

The wall art and posters was a nice touch around the dealership, especially the art in the boardroom it was my favourite as it really showed how Audi have progressed over the years. It's just a pity they don't offer copies from parts or I would have some ordered for my wall!

It was great to get catching up with the other members as always, even though we had a former Audi driver among the group!lol .. Fair play to @Brennan though he took the banter well!lol

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to @Sandra as I am sure other members will agree she will always go out of her way to make sure everything is perfect.

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