*** Feedback For Crawley Audi Meet 7th June 2015***


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*** Feedback For Crawley Audi Meet 7th June 2015***

Afternoon all. Hope you all had a great day. If you could take a few minutes to leave your feedback to pass on to Crawley Audi, it would be much appreciated.

I would like to say a huge Thank You to Simon Leonard( Head of Dealership) The lovely Jemma Leslie and all the staff who were part of the day and made it so enjoyable for the audi-sport.net members.

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Big thanks to crawley Audi was a good day with some quality test rides nice techs and good coffee :) boy loved the rs4 very impressed with the new tt

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Huge thanks to all involved in organising the Crawley event and the guys at Audi too! Welcomed with breakfast, drinks and got to see video footage of the new q7, rs3 and R8.

Free roam of the showroom, getting to sit in the a3, a1 and even the rs6


Tests drives in the s3, s4, new TT and rs4 were available

I'm sure the others will have better pics!

Thoroughly enjoyed the day, so again massive thanks to Sandra and all the guys at Audi Crawley.
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Thanks for organising the event Sandra, it was nice to get a chance to see some of Audi's best in one place. The RS6 in the showroom was amazing and the banter was great, but for me the highlight of the day was a ride in the RS4 - what a machine! @Alex_Wil will confirm this - I was giggling like a little kid when we went for a ride in it. Neck-snapping acceleration at any speed!

Some photos from today:
20150607_114709_HDR.jpg 20150607_114722_HDR.jpg 20150607_114709_HDR.jpg

Low speed RS4 rumble as it pulls out of the car park to thrill the next group:


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Really enjoyed the return meet yesterday back to Crawley Audi. So massive thanks to the staff at the dealership for welcoming us back and obviously @Sandra for making it happen.

Lovely weather, great hospitality, some thrilling rides in cars and great to see some new faces turn up.

Hope everyone enjoyed the day - I was planning to turn up a little earlier than 11am but as some as you saw I had a slight issue with my number plate falling off earlier in the morning! Lol

I'll upload some pics shortly once I'm on a PC

Looking forward to the next ASN meet



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Was a good little meet and Crawley Audi did a lovely job of keeping us petrol heads entertained.

nice sarnies and coffee too :)

Was good meeting a few other ASNers and of course seeing some cars old and new!

Looking forward to any pics as of course as per usual I forgot my camera.


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Sorry I'm so late to the game, took a while to get round to processing the photos from the meet and then my Photobucket stopped working temporarily. Should be fine now though.

Big thanks to Sandra for organising another great meet and everyone who attended on the day. The passenger rides were fun as always and we got to ride in some cars that some people only dream about.

After the meet had drawn to a close they even managed to find an A5 for me to try as requested. I have to say it's a very smooth drive and definitely on the cards although it was an automatic of sorts so I'll be hunting down a manual locally to try on roads that I know better :)

Was lovely to meet Jemma and Jade who ensured we were kept fed and watered during our visit and good to catch up with the service guys (Shaun, Ross and Josh) who carried out the demonstrations for us.

Pics from the meet: http://s286.photobucket.com/user/willenium2k4/library/ASN Crawley Meet 07-06-2015?sort=9&page=1

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