****feedback For Belfast/portadown Audi & Audi Uk Showcase Event ****


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****feedback For Belfast/portadown Audi & Audi Uk Showcase Event ****

Thank you to Belfast/Portadown Audi & Audi uk for inviting a few of the members to your showcase event at Glenarm Castle today. Special Thanks to Richard Eakin, Stewart Beattie, Richard Armstrong, Glenn Upton, Audi Uk and Jillian Trimble for inviting members of audi-sport.net to take part in your event.

For those guys that attended can you please a comment and any pics of the day for me to pass back to the above mentioned people .Im sure you all had a good time driving some of Audi's finest cars. Thanks.

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Had a great morning driving some lovely cars in one of the most beautiful parts of NI. I'll post my pics later when I get them off the camera :)

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Well wat can i say about 2day @ glenarm a great day driving& great weather aswell along the coast. We thought the a6 190bhp was brilliant until we drove the a4 3ltr 272bhp joy droppin experience & 2 top it all the sq5 mmmmmmmmm beast lov lov lov lov. Thanx 2 every1 involved.


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I'm really sorry I couldn't make it, I had a work meeting that I unfortunately could not get out of.

I saw the pictures on Belfast Audi's Facebook page and some others, some beautiful cars these including the new S5. The car that stood out the most in the pictures was naturally the R8 V10, this is most certainly one of my dream cars.
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Were do i start! Great event! and location and thankfully the weather held up so was able to get some roof down action in the convertaibles! And cracking location! not a part of the country id been before i spend most of the day there after leaving the even although my drives were in the afternoon and not getting down till lunch time though also managed to convoy with the Audi cars & staff from the drive from glenarm down into Belfast when they were leaving!

I fancy a SQ3 at some stage in the future so took the Q3 out as S wasnt an option just to get a feel of the car although i know the SQ3 would be alot sportier and a completely different animal under the bonnet but size wise the same, blame driving Land Rovers/Range Rovers 5 days a week giving me the want for a bigger motor although they are alot more expensive lol. Also wanted to go out in the TT coupe, but they had my down for the Roadster instead, but took it out anyway 1.8 180bhp petrol surprisingly nippy, though couldnt see my self driving a soft top, then took the TT Coupe out which was a diesel and have to say it was a different car to the Roaster i was surprised not just engine but in feel too, felt very similar to my mk1, could see me with one in the near future!. And finished the day off with the A4 Avant Quattro, always been a big estate car fan never a huge fan of the saloon versions much perfer the avants. The R8 Sitting at the side was just gorgeous, still in too minds about the new S5 Coupe....not sure if its the colour or what, be interesting to see them when they are released and a few other colours about.

But Few photos from today, Sadly i had left my camera in the boot of the car but took some on the phone.












And afew of the views near by



Have to say a huge thank you to Sandra, and all the team at Audi Belfast and Portadown for the invite and the hospitality.


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What a great afternoon – a grand event with family and friends from NI Audi. Glenarm Castle was a fantastic location with no sign of rain!

Some photos from the day:



Upon arrival we were welcomed and made to feel right at home. I immediately got side tracked by the R8 V10 outside, simply beautiful…but back to the job at hand, the test drives (but coffee first):
  • I chose the A3 2.0 S-line first but it was an enjoyable drive and I love the interior just as much. I do like the proportions of the saloon version, it takes me back to my old A4 B5.
  • Next up was the A4 3.0TDI Quattro, smooth power and the automatic makes it a joy to drive. The steering and responsiveness compared to my A4 B8 S-line makes me want to change immediately!
  • The Audi logistics team went out of their way to get me a run in the SQ5 Plus, even though it was heavily booked. I’ve driven automatic Range Rover Sport and Evoques, but the responsiveness and smooth swift gear changes fires this ahead of the competition - I may need one of these as well! The biturbo on the SQ5 sounds awesome, you all need to hear the active sound exhaust system.

Thanks to all the Audi staff on the day, particularly Adam and Gary who drove with me and ran through all the specific car details, options and generally answered all queries with ease.

The Showcase event promotes the Audi brand in such a relaxed atmosphere, whilst getting to enjoy the vehicles in great surroundings. We need more of these outside the hustle and bustle of the busy showrooms J

Finally, thankyou to Sandra (Awesome as always), Audi Belfast & Portadown, Audi UK, and Audi Sport for the opportunity and the great hospitality.
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I managed to free up a few hours in my work to get down to this. Firstly we were all lucky with the weather to get a great day to enjoy the Audi Showcase event that is held in such a beautiful location. Glenarm Castle is truly a stunning place, and a great location to stage the event.

I managed to get a drive in a A4 3.0tdi & A6 2.0tdi, and I have to say the A4 is such a stunning car....think this will be my next car for when my A3 is due to be changed! I tried to get a drive in the beautiful looking SQ5, but I would of been waiting at least an hour which I couldn't afford - back to work unfortunately.

Outside of driving the cars, I was lucky enough to be talking to a few of the Belfast Audi guys which was great time spent catching up. I even interrogated them on potential models being discussed in the press.....the RS3 saloon already has a few customers paying a deposit!!

Finally a big thank you to Sandra, Audi UK, Belfast Audi & Portadown Audi for organising a great day. It was thoroughly enjoyed. All topped off with beautiful refreshments and snacks, a great "Goodie Bag" and then I arrived home to find the latest copy of the Audi Magazine had been posted through my door as well.
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Guys, looks like it was another fantastic event. Unfortunately a couple of family commitments kept me away yesterday so it's great to read your thoughts an see the pics.
Audi certainly pull out the stops on these. Hopefully get to the next one.

Sandra - thanks again.


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Well, what a morning we had! To start the day, my girlfriend and I were greeted in the car park by a lovely guy in a Q7 E-tron who chauffeured us through Glenarm estate and up to the front door of the castle where all the gleaming cars were lined up. We were greeted by a lot of familiar faces from Belfast & Portadown Audi along with some of the staff over from Audi UK. The hospitality was first class, making us feel very welcome and well looked after.

First up for me was the Sepang Blue Q5 Black Edition. I had originally booked this car as a chance to drive something different as I don't have a whole lot of experience with driving SUVs, and what a pleasant surprise it was. For the size and weight of the car, I couldn't believe how flat it cornered and how hard it accelerated for only being a 2.0tdi model. I was initially intimidated by the size of the thing, but once I was behind the wheel it was just like my A3 only raised up a little!

Next up was the TT Coupe, a serious contender for my next car. This one had the 184PS 2.0tdi engine, but despite being a diesel still felt as sporty to drive as TTs always do. Personally, I'd buy the 230PS 2.0TFSI Quattro with an Stronic box in it! I loved getting to use and interact with the Virtual Cockpit system when out on the road, a reminder of how far ahead Audi are when it comes to new technology.

Finally, I managed to squeeze in a third car despite only booking two. I chose the TT Roadster as I'd never driven a convertible car before, and given the location and the weather we were blessed with, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. This particular car was fitted with a 1.8TFSI 180PS engine so sounded a lot better than the previous TT I'd driven. Although this isn't the engine I'd go for myself, it was a joy to drive and sounded quite fruity once it got past around 4000rpm. Having the roof down and the wind in your hair just adds to the drama of the drive, with only 50-60mph needed to really enjoy the car and the roads we were on.

As with all Audi events and even a simple visit to the showroom, the Audi Sport models always bring a smile to my face. Although they weren't available to drive this time, the all new S5 Coupe and R8 V10 Plus were both on display for us to drool over. As nice as the S5 was, I couldn't seem to stop myself gazing into the R8's beautiful Ara Blue paintwork as the sun beamed down on it.

Once I had finished at the event, I took advantage of being on the Antrim coastal route and headed up to Ballintoy Harbour for a walk and a few pics since the weather was so nice.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the teams from Belfast and Portadown Audi, Audi UK, the staff at Glenarm Castle, and last but not least Sandra for all your work in getting this organised for us to be able to spend the day driving and experiencing the best cars on offer by the best brand out there, Audi. I can't wait for next year's showcase event, and look forward to seeing some of you at our meets in the coming months!


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Can't belive I missed this, I was heading through Carnlough that day and then turned right for Ballymena just before Glenarm :disappointed:


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Can't belive I missed this, I was heading through Carnlough that day and then turned right for Ballymena just before Glenarm :disappointed:
You missed a good day....weather was also great for a change!


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Had a great day at the showcase. I drove the A6, A4 and TT coupe. The A6 was my favourite out of them all it is a great cruising wagon. Food was provided and the audi staff were very friendly and very helpful. Pat took me out in the new A4, always have a good laugh with him.

Would firstly like to thank Sandra for all that she does for us, this lady goes out of her way to keep us happy. Would also like to thank Belfast and Portadown audi for putting the event on for us and also Audi UK for their input.

Looking forward to the next one :)