****feedback For Belfast/portadown Audi & Audi Uk Showcase Event 6th June 2017 ****


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Thank you to Belfast/Portadown Audi & Audi uk for the exclusive invites that included members of audi-sport.net to your showcase event at Galgorm Resort & Spa today. Special Thanks to Richard Eakin (Head of Business, Agnew Group) Richard Armstrong, Patrick McKeon, Jillian Trimble, All the staff in attendance at the event from Belfast/Portadown dealership, Sytner Group and Audi UK for the privilege in letting audi-sport.net take part in your event.

For those guys that attended can you please a comment and any pics of the day for me to pass back to the above mentioned people .Im sure you all had a good time driving some of Audi's finest cars. Thanks.


Wat a day ive had at audi drive in Galgorm got to drive a7 and s5 ooooo shivers drivin s5 couldnt get drivin s4 or s3 or sq7 flat out booked **** for me but a great sign for audi. I cant get fotos uploaded. Thank u Sandra for arrangin the invite for us u a star

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I would like to say a huge thanks to Audi Belfast/Portadown and @Sandra for inviting me to this exclusive showcase event at Galgorm Hotel & Spa.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was very well organised and we were made to feel welcome on arrival with a lovely cup of coffee and a bacon bap, which was much appreciated as I had missed breakfast.

The first car I was out in was the S4 saloon, good varied route which allowed me to test most of the potential and it was interesting trying out the tiptronic 8 speed gearbox as I have been driving S-tronic/DSG for the last 11 years. This was a car I was thinking about when my own is due for change in a couple of years. I also took out the S5 which has the same engine/gearbox combination so a similar drive. The cars didn't seem that much quicker than my S3, in fact after getting back into my S3 and driving the same route I could swear the S3 felt faster. The s3 seems to rev much quicker to the redline. I never really got the S4/5s above 5000rpm and maybe that's where the power is. So the jury is out on that one, maybe just another S3 when it comes time to change.

After a nice lunch of sandwiches, chicken goujons, prawns and brochette I had the opportunity to take out the SQ7, an astonishing car with a lovely noise. It's amazing how they get a 2.2 Tonne car to handle so well, the midrange torque is amazing and I reckon Ballymena has moved a few inches to the left after my acceleration tests! A bit outside my price range but that is the beauty of these events being able to try this sort of thing out.

It was great to meet Lance Walker again, who sold my S3 to me. We had a good chat and he is a credit to the Belfast Audi sales team.
All the Audi staff were very welcoming, knowledgeable and keen to answer any questions.

Once again, Many thanks @Sandra and here are a few pics I took of the day.



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What a brilliant morning/afternoon I had. Big thanks to Belfast and Portadown Audi for running the event, but especially @Sandra for making it possible for us all to attend this great event once again.

I started the day with the all new Q5. I had driven the old model on the last drive day we had back in September at Glenarm Castle on the Antrim coast so it was nice to jump into this and see what changes had been made with thus updated version. As with most of the new Audis the interior stood out at the biggest change in my opinion, with a new flat bottom steering wheel, controls and Virtual Dash as standard. For being so big and heavy the 2.0TDI pulled very nicely via the Stronic box. The elevated driving position coupled with the silky smooth and luxurious finish of the cabin made this car stand out as an excellent daily driver.

Next up for me was the TT 1.8T Black Edition. At first I didn't expect much from this performance wise with it being one of the lowest powered cars available, however I was very pleasantly surprised. After driving an Stronic for over three years now in my own car it was nice to get back in a car with a manual gearbox. The little 1.8 revved out very nicely with a nice fruity exhaust note and a fair bit of turbo induction noise. For only being front wheel drive I was very impressed at how the car handled and held the road when I gave it some welly on the more open part of the route. I don't think I'd buy one though as I'd never live down the 'hairdresser's car' label that they're associated with!

Finally was the S3 Saloon. After waiting about for over an hour due to the popularity of this car I finally got a chance to drive it. Having driven the previous 'pre-facelift' model on a previous showcase day, it was nice to see what impact the new gearbox and slightly more powerful engine had on the driving experience of the car. The new gearbox is insanely quick whilst also being completely smooth and civilised at low speeds. If anyone has bad luck it's me, so unsurprisingly as soon as we hit the road we were stuck behind a slow moving lorry for probably 30% of our planned route. Eventually though the lorry turned off and I got to have a go with the loud pedal! Thankfully, my co-driver for this car was our favourite parts manager Pat Mckeown who let me do a second lap of the route to make up for getting stuck behind the lorry! It's incredible how capable these little cars are for the size and price of them, and would most likely beat a lot of other more expensive cars down the right road.

Overall, a great day! I'm thoroughly looking forward to more events like this in future all being well


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Had an excellent day. Biggest thanks goes to Sandra for organising and helping us as usual. Big thanks to Portadown and Belfast Audi.

Pat is a gentleman, Paul McGlone legend who I've bought my current car from. Always provides a laugh and craic. met a few other Audi Reps who where 100%. Including Philip who had a bit of craic in car also.

Started off the day in the S5. :hearteyes:That's a sound I could listen to all day long. Was a pleasure to drive and the gear changes and power was flawless. Loved the digital boost gauge.

Next was the SQ7. How Audi have gotten a 2 tonne machine like this to handle and throw power out is unbelievable. 435bhp and over 900nmh of torque. :hearteyes: The acceleration from 80 upwards is unreal. The styling and virtual aspects of this car are phenomenal.

Next was the A7 3.0TDI 272bhp. Was refreshing and enjoyable but after the first two drives I was expecting more but that was due to the adrenaline :grin:

Hung about a bit and got out in the S3 Saloon with a young chap. Waow. It was that good I'm seriously considering changing my own car. It felt faster and more
Noise than the S5. Really enjoyed it even if passenger didn't :tonguewink:

Tried to get out in s4 but was completely booked so decided to take the A1 1.4tfsi manual out. Was a great wee fun lap and enjoyed also.

All in all a great day. Seen Ryan and S3trev but I think we where all occupied trying to get out in the lovely machinery on offer.

Thanks again and sorry I didn't see the others as didn't know anyone else.

Pictures are too large to upload so will add once I've resized.


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A huge thanks to Audi Belfast, Portadown & Audi UK for organising the awesome showcase event at the Galgorm Resort.

Thanks to @Sandra for all her help!

From arrival to the end of the day, the hospitality from Audi and the Galgorm team could not have been better. The R8 & RS6 at the front door did set my mood for the day!

My first drive was in the SQ7 with guidance and knowledge from Sean Davidson (Audi Belfast) – a great credit to the Audi sales team. It’s a large SUV with loads of power delivered smoothly and sure footed with Quattro! The virtual cockpit and heads up display just finished off this ultimate machine.

There was a long wait for the S3 Saloon so I took the opportunity to try out the A4 3.0 TDI. I was very impressed. I’m used to my A4 B8 2.0 TDI S-Line (with only 24,000 miles), but found the latest A4 so much more refined… lighter steering, softer suspension and great power. Its amazing what Vorsprung Durch Technik can do :)

Finally…the one I had waited for – the S3 Saloon. I’ve always wanted a similarly sized car to my old A4 B5 TDI, but with more road dominance, yet in stealth mode. The S3 is everything I need!!! Sitting in the super sport seat, the S3 is the best I’ve driven, smooth yet so responsive when you put the foot down – topped off with a nice exhaust note and a sweet blip on the gear changes :) I told Sean we need to sort the figures out for this S3 thing to happen!

Thanks again to @Sandra and the entire Audi UK team for the opportunity!


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What a brilliant day.....arrived into the Galgorm resort and drove by the car park full of beautiful Audi's. Walked into the welcome area to various refreshments on offer and get my drive's organised. It was then straight out and into the car I had booked - S4 saloon. I have to say it was a seriously beautiful car that sounded great and was so comfortable to drive any at speed. I loved all the small details in the S4, and it seriously impressed me. Next up was the SQ7 - this turned out to be the highlight of day, and I seriously wasn't expecting it to be. The noise out of that Diesel engine is something else - if only all diesels sounded that way! The way it accelerated and handled was great, and the brake weren't to bad either - I was a bit wary of this when approaching junctions at speeds that I shouldn't have been! Slowing down a 2T+ vehicle from silly speeds takes a bit of trust. The last vehicle was the S3 saloon - as noted above, this car had a long wait time which surprised me. I think it looked great in white, and the FL version of the A3/S3 really suits white IMO. Straight away you could notice the S3 was a lot stiffer on the suspension than the S4, but the gear shifts were lightning fast and the upshift noises under full throttle made you smile.

All in all, it was a great event that was very well organised and it was also great to spend a good bit of time chatting to Pat & my sales guy Nick. A big thank you to the Belfast/Portadown Audi team and of course Sandra for organizing this event. It was really was a great day. I could easily do this every week! A few pictures from the event:





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Looks like an awesome collection of cars, and great days where had by all who attended. Great photos too :)


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Hey sorry about the late reply to this thread, just getting a chance to log on now. First thing big thank you to Sandra for including me in the invites, that was a nice surprise and very much appreciated. And also thanks to Belfast and Portadown Audi, and any other company / branch involved with this day.

I choose the afternoon slot, and I am really glad I did, as it would appear it was ever so slightly quieter. I'm judging that on the fact I got to drive nearly everything that was there! Well, everything I wanted to anyway! This started off with the A8, which is just as luxurious in the back, as it is in the front! Literally amazing amount of luxury in the back of this car,still can't get over the adjustment level of the seats alone! I then got to drive the car I had booked, which was the S4. Totally different animal to the A8 obviously, and paired to that S tronic box, was a dream to drive, with plenty of poke as you would expect. The S4 is the car that I would probably go for if I ever "grow up", as I don't like the look of the S3 Sportback or Saloon.

I then approached the (excellent) female staff who were organising the drives, to see what the chances were of getting some more drives. They couldn't have done more for me, allowing me to experience the SQ7, Q5, S3 Saloon and TT. The power of that SQ7 really was something else, but as I drive an S3 already, the S3 Saloon was possibly the car of the day for me. I don't like the look of it personally, but it drives brilliantly and handles really well. That S tronic box really is just sublime.

I must say all the staff that I spoke to were so polite and nothing was a problem. And another shout out to the girls at the desk putting up with all my requests! As Ruari said I saw him literally as I walked in, but didn't really notice any other Audi Sport members. Possibly most of you lot took the morning slot!

Thanks to all involved, already looking forward to next year should I be so lucky to get invited :)


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Oh, I did notice it was more diesel focused this year, anyone else notice that? I remember driving the RS6 and 7 a couple of years ago. One of the guys told me that they hope to have the RS3 next year. Id love to drive that Audi 5cl :racer: