*** Feedback For Belfast Audi Dealership Meet 21st Feb 2015 ***


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*** Feedback For Belfast Audi Dealership Meet 21st Feb 2015 ***

Guys, can you please leave feedback for the Belfast Audi Meet that took place on the 21st Feb 2015. I would like to thank Richard Eakin, Richard Armstrong, Patrick McKeown, the audi master techs and all other staff involved in todays meet. Thank you so much for allowing audi-sport.net Ireland members to visit your dealership once again.

Sandra . :)

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Service from everyone at audi was like we where vip's.

Was great to meet the staff at Belfast audi on personal note. The food and tour was excellent and freebies..

Felt very welcome and will be returning for any future work to be carried out on car.

Thanks to @Sandra for organising and the staff at Belfast Audi for excellent day.


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Once again a fantastic day at Belfast Audi. Our second meet with them, and it was just as awesome as the first.

I just would like to take the opportunity to thank Pat, Richard and the rest of the Belfast Audi team for a wonderful day and to be so accommodating to our club, they have so much time for us and create a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

It means so much to us to have a great relationship with the dealerships, I know they don't always get a great name among customers but I really do feel Belfast Audi is an exception to the rule.

Pat McKeown, a true gent as usual, I have so much time for this guy, always have a good laugh with him every time I see him, always goes out of his way to help me out with any parts or requests for the club that I may have. A total credit to Belfast Audi and to the Audi brand itself.

Richard Armstrong, I met this guy for the first time today, also a gentleman, I had a great chat with him about our club and the dealership. It was very kind of him to offer to wash me and my mates cars as I mentioned to him I couldn't get it done before I got to the meet, not only that but they did a mini valet on the cars, so whoever cleaned the cars I would like to send my personal thanks to them.

Richard was telling me about the events they have invited us to this year and it all sounds very exciting but I will keep you guys in suspense, more details to be revealed very soon :)

Also wee Dorreen, I only met her today but I love this wee woman haha I was having the banter with her in the canteen and I had only met her for the first time. Thanks to her taking the time to come in and feed the hungry guys haha

Sandra, my very special thanks goes to you, you are just brilliant and I really mean that. Without you we would not be having these fun days out. I know you are such a busy girl and you have a life outside the club but you always make time for your boys on here. I think if I sat here and said thank you a million times it would be nowhere near the thanks and recognition you deserve for your behind the scenes work and effort for us. You need to know you are very treasured amongst us lads :)


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Thanks Belfast Audi for having us Great host's ,Good Tour & Friendly Staff
My compilments to the chef it was Dam Tasty
I'm glad i attended this meet
Also big thanks to the events organiser's


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Well what I can I say, it was yet again another super day provided by Belfast Audi. It was great to met both Richard Eakin and Richard Armstrong and wow that breakfast was delicious, it definitely warmed me up with the cold morning!:)

Patrick McKeown is a true gentle man and knows how to give a detailed tour, we even met the master technician John, who was also a nice guy! .. The tour covered every aspect and Aaron even got some training on using the parts system!lol I dont think you passed though Aaron!lol oj ... It was great to met more new members from the area attending with their nice cars, just a pity about the weather as I am sure they were all spotless leaving home yesterday morning!lol .. Well maybe not those two white B8 A4's!lol .. I am really looking forward to the next group event and I look forward to see you all there.

Last but not least a big thank you to Sandra for taking the time and speaking with Belfast Audi on our behalf and organising another great day! Thanks Sandra and Belfast Audi
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Had a brilliant day at the Belfast event, I want to say thanks to Belfast Audi for taking the time to have us, they were very welcoming to us all and even gave us goodie bags to take home.

Also want to say thanks to the members and organisers involved for making my first meet a great one

Hope to get to many more of events in the future :)


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Great morning at Belfast Audi again. Super charity breakfast laid on and all for a good cause too - Alzheimer's.
Great to meet some new folks and see some really nice cars as well.

Pat was again, an excellent host. I think we met Richard Eakin briefly on the way in. A little disappointing not to see him again, would have been good to get his perspective on the business.

Great work by our team getting this agreed and organised, well done guys! Here's to the next one.